Endos in Milwaukee WI area?

We are looking for a knowledgeable compassionate endo MD that listens to patient needs. Any recommendations? Southeastern WI.
Thank you!


Hi Emilia
@Michel used to live close to that area. He was in Hartland.

Paging @Michel!

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Welcome Emilia! Thanks for posting! Michel will be along shortly, and can at the very least tell you who to avoid, but may very well have some good info for you.

Are you moving to the area, or just need to make a change?

Feel free to introduce yourself in the following thread if that is your thing.


Hi @Emilia and welcome!

Is it for kids or adults?

Do you know how to use Privare Messaging?

Wish I was still there, we could get together! But we left in June for a European tour :frowning:

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Adult, and no I do not know how to use that messaging.

Moved into the area recently. The endo said she couldn’t get supplies for the pump, which is crazy and dangerous imo. We don’t want to wait 6 months or more, when all the data is here and clearly sugars go out of control without it. Meter has been reading spikes over 400!

That is really crazy, why would the endo need to get supplies for the pump, wouldn’t they just be prescribing them?

When you say the meter has been going over 400, is that from using the pump or multiple daily injections?

If doing injections, what basal insulin are you guys using?

She told him something about her being a new physician for him and that it would take 6 months for insurance to accept it and he’d have to gather data for that time period. But he has all the data recorded on his monitor from last July to last week when he ran out of insulin! It’s just a renewal of prescription for him! I’m so ticked off. Clearly this is dangerous if his sugar is off the chart now.

I don’t know which insulin he’s using, but he’s doing injections at morning and meals with something that’s supposed to be long lasting.

Ok, Well yes, everything you are saying that is happening by the doctor is completely crazy! You are correct to question it.

Before you go fighting for a pump, which should help, but isn’t the only way to fix the issue is to get his basal insulin sorted. That dosage needs to be correct whether you are using a pump or using shots. The fact that he is doing injections in the morning and with meals is really good news!

First, could you find what long lasting insulin your son is using. My son uses Lantus, and there are pro’s and con’s with that.

Then you should work with your physician to titrate those values until you have a good basal dose that doesn’t result in 400’s. That is not good.

Yes, Lantus sounds familiar. He’s in another town, so I can’t go look.

Hi @Emilia,

A PM (private message) is a way to communicate on the forum in a manner that is not shared publically. You can see the PM icon, under your name on the right hand side of the page on the forum, in the shape of an envelope. It is probably better to discuss doctors that way, since feedback can be quite personal.

I am traveling through early September with very little connectivity (back country of Portugal and Spain). I am asking some suggestions of my physician friends in SE WI right now. If it is OK with you, I will be ready with some suggestions by early September. If you wish we can chat on the phone too.

Where did you move from? Were you happy with your endos there?

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Near Landcaster OH, and yes…


I really like my Endo, who is in downtown Chicago at Northwestern. Let me know if you are interested.


Thank you, that’s pretty far. I appreciate your response.

Emily Stahl

@Emilia, I just PM’d you 2 recommendations in Milwaukee area.

To access your PMs, click on your icon on the upper right hand, then click on the envelope icon in the mini-menu that appears.

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