The Dexcom G6 is GIGANTIC!

Search this site for restarting G6, there was a post to a link, but not sure anyone here has personally tried it.

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Here’s a link

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Apparently if you use xdrip+ it automatically runs on beyond the 10 days. Not running G6 myself so only hearsay.
Incidentally they are running a poll on a facebook page I visit and everyone loves G6 with accuracy coming up again and again.

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That one is easy to turn off :laughing: - let me know if you haven’t figured it out.

How do you turn it off? Are you talking about the alarm that goes off around 90 minutes after you put on a new pod asking you to check your blood sugar? I’ve been wanting to turn that off for years!

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Oops, old thread, but… I don’t think this one can turn off.

The post installation beep - I haven’t figured that out!!

I’ve tried to figure it out! Recently, I considered taking the entire PDM apart and destroying this speaker (I didn’t do it. I realized this was an awful idea, and I don’t just trying at home.) I don’t actually think the speaker does anything useful for us in the Omnipod in my humble opinion. Other than annoy the crap out of me.

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Seems like with diabetes any company can do what they want and charge what they want (well , maybe that’s Pharma in general here), which is why we have test strips for glucose monitors that are inflated by hundreds of percentage points (my ex used to work in the research department at Abbott, the company that makes Freestyle – she told me that the test strips only cost about 6 cents each to make), as one of so may examples.

I was so disappointed to see that Dexcom went the greedy route with the applicators, especially given how huge they are. It’s a major bummer. Maybe if enough people write they will consider a re-usable one…I wrote them the first day I got it because of what a gigantic waste they are. They should be re-usable, 100%.


I consider the amount of waste that is saved by managing BG very well. For us, the Dexcom is a very key part of BG management. We are not and never will be perfect. But no doubt far better than we would be without it.

The amount of non-recyclable waste (ie - all the paper/cardboard gets recycled) generated by our T1D treatment is IMHO extremely minimal.

All different ways to look at it.

On the other hand, it is always good to provide feedback to a manufacture regarding your thoughts as to their product. I am sure most people don’t bother.


Curious about the greedy route comment with the applicators. Is your thought that if the applicator was reusable they would be able to charge less? While I am not super happy with the amount of plastic waste, the ease of insertion with the G6 is amazing! So much better than the G5.

IMHO, from a business perspective, a medical device company which has competition (even if not major competition) will price the product based on what payments they are able to receive from payors while also keeping an eye on the competition pricing.

Any improvements in efficiencies of manufacturing are usually allocated towards the business bottom line.

IMHO, Dexcom is under mild pricing pressure from the Freestyle Libre but as Dexcom feels they have the technically superior product they appear to be mindful of the Libre pricing but are not intending to either match nor undercut.

EDIT: I have noticed a small downward movement in pricing from Dexcom in terms of cost per day (assuming warranty time period) with the G6 as of the last time I checked. While not major, a downward movement is in drastic comparison to the continual upward movement which is seen in many other areas such as insulin pricing.

EDIT2: This year past year (2018) is likely to be the first year that Dexcom turns a profit. Over the past four years, Dexcom has been losing $70 ~ $80 Million per year. While excessive profits leave a bad taste in ones mouth, the business reality is that a company must at some point turn a profit in order to remain viable. I see no indication that Dexcom is reaping undeserved profits. Their investment in R&D continues to be massive and I expect Dexcom to report significantly increased R&D spending during 2018 as compared to even their very large R&D investments during previous years. Their products are good. They appear to be operating under fiscally sound business practices.


Good posts and good points, all.

I was indeed hoping that the applicator would be re-useable, but Thomas has a great point about the huge amount of waste with test strips, strip bottles, lancets, etc. – I didn’t even think about that.

Not me. Maybe somebody else.

That’s part of how I interpreted what you wrote, anyway. :slight_smile: The amount of waste doing it the old way (with a glucometer, strips, etc.) is pretty huge.

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I think you did mis-interpret Thomas’s quote, but the funny thing is that my wife used to work at a place that had 3 master recyclers, and what they consider to be a huge amount of waste, I think of as a small amount. It is always funny how someones frame of reference is important.

Some time back I collected everything my son used in a month and posted the picture here. It really isn’t that much compared to food waste and such.

We actually generate so little household waste (not including material that gets picked up by the recycling truck) that I don’t even bother to put the trash out every week. I recycle anything that seems plausible. We usually get one almost full trashcan (non-recyclables) every two weeks.

Same here! I/we started living that way (as realistically as possible) around five or six years ago, and it’s really great on many levels. :slight_smile:

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Except for the used components that contact my skin/tissue directly, all of my Dexcom G6 parts get recycled - applicator, packaging, IFUs, the entire lot.


I think we should add wheels to them and make them into toys. they seem to be pretty good quality!!!