Thanksgiving strategy from last year’s discussion: over-bolusing

I was dreaming of pecan pie…and so searched through last year’s thread on Thanksgiving for some good advice. In this post, @Eric describes over-bolusing as a winning strategy for handling all those Turkey Day goodies! :smiley_cat:

Continuing the discussion from Thanksgiving is Upon Us, how will you be Bolusing?:


Yes! Thank you for re-posting this! I’m almost more worked up about how to bolus for all the carbs than about how to get it all cooked!

I’m afraid to bolus up front for too much more than the mega amount of carbs I’ll be eating… seems a large meal like that might digest slowly and I’d end up low before all the carbs kick in. What about blousing for the full amount up front and then a bunch more extended for a bit?


I know it hasn’t been approved for this purpose, but I plan on giving my basal a bump once the snacking begins… Unless my husband does any of the cooking. Then I won’t have a need because there won’t be anything edible. :grin:

Honestly, I love mashed potatoes, and I basically have stayed away for a very long time. I’m looking forward to the challenge this year. :grin:


That’s my plan too… both the basal bump and the eating of lots of mashed potatoes!


Gravy… slurp…


I didn’t want to torture myself trying to put a bunch of recipes in a nutrition calculator to get carb counts, so I just started googling “thanksgiving carb counts” and found a few charts others have put together. I knew it was going to be bad… I’m not sure I knew it would be this bad :grimacing::joy:


Including mashed cauliflower into mashed potatoes is a great way to lower the carbs, and with butter, seasonings or gravy, it fools most of my family every year. Even added white beans one year.


:laughing: I’m going to have to go look those up to see how bad. I remember bolusing for 105 carbs last Thanksgiving… :flushed:

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My calculator ended up showing a number close to that before I freaked and stopped adding, lol. And that was with reasonable portion sizes! Not including pie!

Pretty sure there would be trouble if a couple family members knew I’d snuck cauliflower in their potatoes! Besides, much as I’m whining about it, I’m good with treating myself to the real deal on a holiday :blush:

Yup. The 105 was just dinner. Why are all traditional holiday dishes carb heavy? We’re eating at a friend’s house this year, and she said she’s making dirty rice, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry sauce, plus 3 pies. So many carbs!

I actually just tried cauliflower rice recently, and I didn’t mind it at all. I could do that sub regularly. But I do just splurge for the holidays because, well, it’s the holidays. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t eat meat, so thanksgiving dinner has always been a big ol’ carb fest for me. I don’t normally eat like that, but have come to embrace it on Thanksgiving :slight_smile: I was trying to think of something low carb to add to thanksgiving dinner this year but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it, because I would still eat all the carb-heavy stuff too, so what’s the point?

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Haha, exactly! My friend is grain free, but my husband and I love dressing, so I’m making a grain free version I tried last year. It happens to be less carbs, but by the time I count everything else, that amount of carbs wouldn’t make a huge difference anyway.

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How many carbs does insulin have? Because that’s what I’ll be shoving into me most.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The one day of the year we eat like we’re not diabetic.


Anything over 60 carbs and I’m already past the 30U of Novolog either of my two pens will dispense.

Although I suppose I could use them BOTH, simultaneously, and then scan the Libre every 30 minutes for xtended bolusing…

I mean, if I bolus too hard, that’s a good excuse for more pie, right?


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at FUD!


I find that if I don’t have enough insulin at the beginning, I get stuck in a stubborn high. So I take more than I think I need, and I keep an eye on the CGM so if it looks like I’m headed for a low I eat some glucose to catch the fall before I get into trouble. I find it much easier easier to prevent a low than to chase a high that’s getting away from me.


Just keep some juice or pop on hand to offset a low that dessert can’t fix quickly!

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This is really a fabulous idea! We’ll try it this year :slight_smile:

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That’s the best dream ever! What a good suggestion.

And the following replies all made me smile.

Thanksgiving was the debut of the Omnipod in our life! It’s been one year! As I was literally moving the turkey from the roasting pan to cutting board to rest, EH pulled his first pod out of his arm on accident. The turkey got to rest longer while we filled our first pod solo and applied it! Good times!

Happy Thanksgiving! We should have a rundown/wrap up post on favorite dishes and insulin taken and results and happy stories. :smile:


For us, Thanksgiving is Saturday (because that’s when we can get a big turkey…). So we will be a bit behind everyone in telling Thanskgiving stories…