Tandem with Control IQ

I had something weird happen the other night. I woke up and felt my pump vibrating, which I had for a while, but was ignoring it all groggy. Anyways, I finally checked it when I saw on my phone that my sugars were normal, because I knew it wasn’t time to change, and it was fully charged. So, I wondered what could be up? I looked and it said “incomplete bolus alert”. It had somehow pressed the 1, 2, 3, selected bolus, typed in 33 units and then nothing I suppose. I cannot imagine all of that taking place as I slept, with my pump somewhere in the bed, not clipped on to me.

Should I be concerned? This seems like a really weird one off to get that far without intentionally doing so. That or I did this in my sleep, which I’ve never done before.

On my Tandem pump, I need to first press the button on top of pump, to “wake it up”. Before that, touching screen does nothing. I try to always press the lock button after use.

What version is your pump software??
Do you have remote bolus enabled?

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Oh yeah, I too have to also press the top button. I don’t think I have remote control. I looked for that on my pump and can’t find it.

Do you use the Tandem T:Connect app on phone? The app can do the remote bolus.

I have the app, but not upgraded to get version with option to bolus from app.

Go to Tandem website to learn about app and remote bolus on phone.

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I get incomplete bolus alerts all the time. Some times 2 or 3 per day since starting to use my iPhone for boluses.

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Did you report this to Tandem and ask for fix. That would be unacceptable to me.

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I only get those if I fail to press the lock button on the pump or if using the phone app to bolus not doing the last step - finger print in my case. Those are senior moments in my case.

I’m not sure what the Tandem application developers do because it is not fix bugs in the application(s) in a timely manner. I had to abandon the Android t:connect application because it constantly (5+ times a day) lost its pairing with the pump and to pair the pump requires entering that obnoxious 16 digit pairing code. I bought a used iPhone SE and installed the t:connect application on that instead.

I’m not getting any incomplete bolus alerts on my iPhone (knock on wood) but it may be old enough that it has avoided the bleeding edge syndrome.

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I sometimes forget to shut down the screen with the top button before putting the pump away in my belt case. Fumbling the pump into the case I can hit buttons. Minutes later the pump alarms and tells me that the bolus is incomplete. If I had not put the pump into a case I can imagine hitting buttons for the amount of the bolus. I sleep with the pump in a thin fabric moneybelt from REI so I won’t roll on it and shut down the bluetooth connection to the Dexcom sensor. If you zip the pump into some kind of pocket it seems less likely that you might fumble with it in your sleep.


No, I don’t have the Tandem app on my phone.


I have annoying constant inflamed sinuses, and toss and turn a lot over the course of a night because however I lay I’ll get fully blocked on that side after a while, laying on my back is the worst. So, I have resorted to having it loose in the bed vs on me, as I was constantly laying on it.

Woo, Never thought about that.

Thanks for the comments.
I have an iPhone 13 mini with face recognition. I believe the issue is related to how the iPhone interfaces with the t:connect app. When I swipe up to close the app additional commands can be implemented ie. start a bolus or stop a bolus that is in progress. Once the iPhone is in my pocket any number of commands can be generated just from normal body movement. The app does need to recognize my face prior to delivering a bolus.

I was being annoyed by alarms on pump for both Incomplete bolus alert and the loss of connection alert during periods of restless sleep back a ways. For the former, trying to always have the tandem on its home screen when it turned off helped (it stays on the screen it is on when the pump turns off by itself). For both, putting the pump under my pillow usually helped, though the latter could still occur occasionally. Now, I seem to be avoiding both by having a little ledge just below the side of my mattress on which I keep the pump. I do use the long tubing, so can still turn over.