Finally got my pump!

After five months of fuckery from the DME–seriously, the company I got stuck with for the pump order is genuinely terrible–I finally got my Tandem pump a month ago and started using it two weeks ago and–oh my god. Y’all were so right, it is life changing. I know it’s only been two weeks, but the cognitive cycles that were being taken up by diabetes have been reduced dramatically and it does all the math for me and I can think about other things!

I’m sure I’ll have things I’m unhappy about, but right now, I’m really enjoying my robot pancreas.


A good pump with a good working CGM and some kind of looping software is an amazing jump forward for all insulin dependent diabetics!

I think it all boils down to Quality Of Life.
I know that Tandem had two updates, and each one made a dramatic difference in the amount of time and brainpower I dedicated to T1 every day.

Advice, learn the pump and everything you can about it. Get it setup Right, and do it now. Take the time to get it tuned in for You.
Then you can relax even a little more and enjoy life more.

When I get something new, I like to figure out everything I can about it ASAP, get things setup for me to the fullest extent possible.
Then I can relax and get one more step closer to ‘ignoring my T1’…


I am nerding out so much with it right now. The fractional units and IOB/bolus calculations are a total game changer.


Really glad it is working for you, and most importantly reducing the brain cycles necessary to diabetic. As you mention, fractional units are Awesome! Do you have it paired with the G6?


I do, and it’s brilliant! I love the automatic bolusing!


So does my son, it is just amazing how much of his life he got back after learning to trust the system.


BTW, on the X2 with Control-IQ, try and run in sleep mode all day. I set mine to go from 12am to 11:59pm.
It will not bolus, but it will start correcting the basal at a much lower level.
Many of us have found this to be the best method for keeping a tighter control, and less interaction.