Control IQ is working great on my Tandem

I have to say after a few years of ditching my new tandem x2 cause I gave up its really working well a few weeks in. I went from like a 33% time in range to currently at 68%. Previously I keep trying to do the untethered approach and I just kept having lows and then rebound and it got so frustrating I gave up. This time I decided I would start with the pump alone and give it a chance.

Cant wait for it to support my new iPhone 14 pro so I can bolus from the phone. Anyone hear when that might be?

Also, random question, is there anyway to change time in range in the pump? It’s at 80-110 but I’d like to open it up a bit more like 70-130.

Also going to check out the omnipod 5 cause I’m curious about the No tubes option.


If you are using T:Connect app, it can be set in app. Settings → Glucose thresholds screen.


Oh sweet I can’t believe I didn’t look there, I assumed it was a pump setting!

Now I’m at 80% in range lol.


I don’t see time in range on my Tandem pump? I don’t have an app, is there a way to change this on the pump?

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I think only on the app. You should get the app, it’s great.


Do you have a smart phone ?
You can get a cheap one without phone service that can still run apps. Need wifi access to first install the app.

Or you can load your pump data to web T:Connect (PC) to review data that is uploaded from pump via USB.

Often endos will review the web T:Connect reports and advise on possible trends or setting changes.

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Should I reuse my reservoirs? My reservoir isn’t empty at the same my site needs changed.

I change infusion sets and pump cartridges on completely independent schedules.

I fill the reservoir completely full, and use it until it becomes empty which takes 5 or 6 days. I change the infusion set every 3rd day to avoid scar tissue

To change the infusion set, I disconnect the tube from the old set just as if I were taking a shower or something (the tube remains connected to the pump cartridge with its remaining insulin), insert the new set, disconnect the new tube from the new set and save it in a plastic baggie, and reconnect the old existing tube to the new infusion set. Then fill cannula, of course.

Some days later when the reservoir runs dry I disconnect the old tube from the infusion set and discard the old tube and empty reservoir, then fill a new reservoir, attach a left-over tube that I saved in the plastic baggie, and fill/prime the new tube, then just connect that new tube to the existing infusion set.

As far as reusing a reservoir in the sense of refilling it, I have done that with up to 3 fills in a t:slim cartridge when I was running out of cartridges and couldn’t get new ones just yet. I tried a 4th fill one time, but got the impression that I wasn’t getting full doses of insulin; maybe the little plunger in the cartridge was wearing out or something, so for me 3 fills is the limit.


iPhone 14 runs on the latest vs of iOS which the t:Connect app is already compatible with so you should have the bolusing functionality. It works real well. I have been running iOS 16.0.3 (latest release) and haven’t had any issues.

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No it’s not available on the 14 yet. :frowning:

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Ok so if I see this, trending low and pump using control IQ to set my basal to near 0 a lot does that mean I should lower my profile basal setting? I know once it’s in range it uses that setting. Last night was a nightmare it kept making me go low and beeping like crazy. Finally I ate a banana and put it and my phone in a drawer and closed it. :grin:

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If that happened to me at the same time of day for two or three days in a row, yes I’d reduce the basal by a small amount, with the reduction starting 2 hours before the BG starts falling. “A small amount” means 0.05u per hour, like 0.5u becomes 0.45u. Then if the BG is still falling during that time over the following 2 days, I’d reduce it by another 0.05u/hr, and keep going like that until the problem was solved.

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Tandem is making a new pump which was called mobi but now I think the name was changed to tandem sport. It’s suppose to be tubeless or a small tube. I too, have the same pump as you and I took a pump vacation over the summer. I can’t stand how big it is and the tubing is way too long for me. I have no fat on my body, so for me a smaller pump with no tubing will be better.

I have the Omnipod 5 in it’s way to try out to get rid of the tubes. They don’t bother me that much though but I’m very interested in the Omnipod.

I think it was first Sport, now changed to Mobi.

Here is early info on Sport, early 2021 article.

Another source on Tandem next models.

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