Tandem control

Okay, today I had an exchange with an individual who informed me the Dexcom app doesn’t have a target range and that my doctor should be determining what It should be. Through a couple of exchanges he informed me that only the doctor should be making any changes, that he is on tandem with ciq and that his doctor only makes changes and that he is in range 95% of the time and his standard deviation is 17. I asked if he Was (1 diabetic and (2 who was his endo god? I couldn’t help myself, but am I wrong.


What’s the question?

Doctors often accept 80-180 as range, to account for post meal highs.

Your goal range may be different.

Does Tandems CIQ use the Dexcom target range in its algorithm? If it doesn’t I don’t see why you need the endo to set your range.

My endos office evaluates patients TIR on 70 - 180. I keep the range at whatever I want and the day before my appointment set it to 70 to 180 on my Clarity app. When the endo looks at the report he sees the percentage he needs. Everyone is happy that way.


Yes, but can vary based on how user sets up pump.

If you turn on sleep mode, then a tighter range is set, defined by pump.

Or use exercise mode.

Temp rate

If none active for current time, then uses standard range/profile from user settings as baseline.

I meant to say - Does it use the Dexcoms target range that is set up in Clarity?

No. Tandem pump gets cgm data direct from dexcom transmitter. The pump acts like a cgm receiver, but can also do all pump functions.

If using Tandem pump, the pump and cgm data can be uploaded to T:Connect mobile and web application for review and reports, similar to Clarity. If set up with dr office, they can also access and print reports.

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I thought that @T1john was asking a different question - about whether the Tandem could really give tight control like that.

Was that your question, or was it more along the lines of target range setting?