Detailed description of the Control-IQ algorithm?

Where can I find a somewhat detailed description of the Tandem t-slim X2 Control-IQ algorithm regarding what variables (except predicted CGM value in 30 min) the automatic basal rate as well as automatic correction bolus is based on:

  • Personal profiles/manual basal rates
  • Total Daily Dose of insulin (calculated by the pump or given by the user)
  • Insulin Sensitivity Factor
  • Insulin On Board
  • Weight



Ralph, I have no idea. Please let us know what you find though.


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It’s very unlikely that Tandem will disclose this; parts will be covered by patents (lots of them) and parts will be regarded by the guys-in-charge as proprietary but most of it would have most T1Ds ROTFL; they will never disclose that.

That said, most of it can be deduced from the documented information; I haven’t done it for Tandem but I have for Insulet and, well, I wasn’t ROTFL, more ROTFC.

It’s just a matter of reading what is written and not assuming that it cannot be that stupid.

But I am cynical. An optimist is required at this point.


:rofl: :crazy_face:

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From what I’ve found in different manuals and scientific papers I’m pretty sure the algorithm uses ISF, TDD and IOB to calculate the amount of insulin that should be infused to normalize a high glucose, however, I can’t find any information about if the personal profile / manual basal program matters and is used by the algorithm.

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