Tandem pump loses signal from Dexcom

I have had a problem with my Tandem T:slim losing the signal from my Dexcom G5 transmitter at night when I’m asleep. For example, when I have the Dexcom on my lower back and lie on my stomach with the pump beneath me (I roll around a lot when I’m asleep!), it loses the signal.
Oddly, if I have the pump removed while I’m taking a shower, the signal is not lost. Even though it’s picking it up from 5 feet away through a tile wall.
Does anyone else have this problem? I really don’t think the closed loop technology will work for me if the G6 loses the signal every time the pump is on the opposite side of my body from the transmitter.

I had heard (Rumor??) that they have improved the ability for the G6 to stay connected to the pump so you are less likely for this to happen with the G6. We don’t have any experience yet personally, but understand what you are worried about.

Heard the same and have the same concerns.

I don’t think enough people have upgraded for enough time to get good feedback yet.

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I can now say with confidence that the G6 is much better at staying connected to the T:slim pump than the G5 was. We had a lot of dropout when we tried it with the G5, but the G6 connection is rock solid, with much less dropout.


In four weeks we have had one drop-out that I noticed. Between the X2 and the G6.


This is my experience too so it has not interfered with Basal IQ. This thing continues to amaze me. I finally perfected extending the sensors past 10 days. The last 2 went to 20 days maintaining accuracy throughout with no calibrations.



That is great you are having a super experience with the G6 and Basal-IQ.

We considered extending the G6 sensor on our previous sensor but day #9 and #10 start to get a bit “choppy” which on the G5 would indicate the data would be completely useless in another day or two. So, we have not yet bothered to give the G6 extension a whirl.

I know with the G5 various people would report how long they could extend (with accuracy) and the range of how many days for different people was quite amazing. It seems very personalized.


This was my experience with G5. I may get to day 11 with jumpy results. It wasn’t worth it so I ended up not extending them.

I think that’s why this is so amazing to me. On G6 it hasn’t gotten wonky and the accuracy actually improves the longer I wear it which is why I do it now. The first time I tried I messed it up and made it harder than it needed to be. The next time on day 10 I had appointments all day so I gave it another shot on day 9. It went really smoothly since then.

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@Jattzl - What is the technique you used? Specifically in regards to the X2 pump being integrated with the G6.

We were going to try a restart today but ran out of time. I checked the cgm against a meter this morning (Day #10) and it was dead on exact. We ended up just replacing the sensor. Next week, we are planning to try the restart on day #9 to avoid cutting it too close.

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I followed a couple of forum links from FB etc. They were complicated and some didn’t pertained. Some were for Androids. So through trial and error I have the easiest that works for me. I use my X2 and my iPhone. Do you have an iPhone or Android phone?


I had planned to switch the G6 connection from the pump to the Dex receiver and then use the receiver for the restart.

Do you think it is easier to use the phone?

I think it is easier with the phone since it is already connected and up and running. My receiver is in a box turned off and I would need to charge it and switch over to it

So how do you use the phone? Do you put it in airplane mode for 2 hrs?

Using the iPhone make sure you start the process at least 3 hours prior to the sensor expiration time. I usually do it the day before.

  1. Watch your phone for a reading. Right away go to iPhone Settings - Bluetooth- and “Forget device” for all Dexcom’s listed.
  2. Back to G6 app Stop Sensor-Start New-Add code from existing sensor-Start Sensor again.
  3. Your warm up countdown will start. MAKE NOTE OF TIME. Your phone will alert you that it has lost connection etc but just ignore it and the warmup screen may even go away but its OK!
  4. Your pump will work as usual with readings etc.
  5. After 2 hours and 15 min (I wait 2:30 to be safe) the next time phone alerts you to connect to Bluetooth - click Pair.
  6. App will say it is waiting to connect to Bluetooth but it usually starts readings in a couple minutes.

I read that you can turn your phone off and then on again to Pair rather than waiting for alert. Also I think you could go to Airplane mode or turn Bluetooth off to avoid getting alerts but I haven’t tried it yet.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes or if you find any other hints!

Thanks. That does seem easier then playing around with the receiver. We will give this a try at the end of this session on day #9, assuming we still have accurate cgm data.

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You are welcome! FYI the first time I tried it I took too long to find my code for the sensor and I didn’t realize it had reconnected to Bluetooth somehow. So have code handy. If you start right after a reading you have the 5 min until the next reading connection to get it done. Hopefully that made sense.

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We finally attempted our first G6 sensor restart. We followed your six steps as listed just above.

It worked.

We will do extra meter checks to confirm accuracy. But so far so good.
This was actually day #9 from the first session.
Your suggestion to do the restart the day before the session ends was a good one.

We had planned to do it a couple times previous but life gets in the way and before we know it, it is too late and the sensor session is ended.

Doing it a day in advance seems a smart approach - thanks for the suggestion on that.


A bit dated but I was able to positively confirm the G6 and X2 integration does have improved communications as compared to the G5 and X2 integration.


I’m so glad to hear it worked well for you!

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First meter check 3 pts difference. Very nice.

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