Problem getting readings on phone

I used Libre with xdrip and a Medtronic pump for several years with no major problems , apart from an allergy or reaction to the libre adhesive.
On 7 May 2020 I started on TSlim and G5. The first transmfaied in about a week and was replaced by AMSL (I am in Australia). The second transmitter failed in a bit over a week and was also replaced.
The third transmitter was started on 29 May 2020, and is still running.
I use an OPPO phone which will not run the official Dexcom app, so am using the app from Build Your Own etc. I have had no problems till about 2 weeks ago. The phone will lose connection to the sensor at random times, though almost always at night while I am sleeping. It will not reconnect unless I force stop the app, delete cache, uninstall, unpair Dexcom on Bluetooth, reboot, install, reenter transmitter ID and then usually reconnects in about 5 to 10 minutes. In the last 24 hours or so the loss of signal is becoming more common, and several times the phone has failed to connect within the 30 minutes.
I have also installed xdrip today and got a connection but it failed after about 4 readings.
The connection to the pump has not failed, so it does not seem to be a simple transmitter failure.
As it is approaching 3 months, could the transmitter be failing in some strange way which affects it’s connection to Dexcom or xdrip, but not to the pump?
I am due to change sensor on Monday, should I use a new transmitter?
Any advice would be appreciated.


Does your dexcom readings show on your T-Slim?
The X2 t-slim can use t:Connect app on cell phone, which includes pump and cgm data.

If you have xDrip, system status will show transmitter battery status/voltage.


Yes the pump is showing all readings, no problems.

I got xdrip working again. On system status screen shows sensor 79/79/79.2 days, voltage A 315, voltage B 294, Resistance 1198, Temperature 36 C. Hopefully these will mean something to you. The readings from the G5 to xdrip are not at 5 minute intervals, but anything from 5 to 9 minutes.
I am NOT trting to run xdrip and Dexcom apps simultaneously, I have uninstalled Dexcom. I know that the G5 won’t talk to both.

I don’t have any experience with Dexcom myself, but I suspect your transmitter is close to failure. The resistance is well above 1000. According to @docslotnick, transmitters die when the resistance is around 1000. He reported his experiences with the life span of Dexcom transmitters in this topic: How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭

Edit: Re-reading the aforementioned topic, apparently some transmitters keep functioning quite well despite a resistance exceeding 1000. Battery voltages dropping below 300 are another indication that the transmitter may fail shortly.


I am using G6, and my numbers on day 74 are:

Voltage A. 307
Voltage B 284
Resistance 8009

In past, I think my resistance got to the 1300-1400 range as it was nearing 90 days.

The G5 and G6 transmitters lose small amount of power from mfg to start of use, which impacts actual days of use. Some dme send 2 transmitters at one time, which greatly reduces 2nd transitter usable life.

With G5, you can possibly get longest life of transmitter with xDrip (not native) but your pump/receiver would hard stop between 90-112, so you would likely keep native mode on.

@Hrasky With those numbers on the G5, your transmitter is on the verge of dying, and it could very well be giving only intermittent readings.

I think I posted the voltage and resistance meanings to you on another thread,.