Dexcom Signal Loss

I’ve been having an increasingly number of signal loss experiences with my G6. While I am awake it’s more annoying but this is also happening during my sleep. I have had several instances when (luckily) my body woke me up in a sweat. Glucose was 52 on my glucometer. It’s frightening and defeats the purpose of having a CGM. Any input would be great.


This happens to me when I sleep on the sensor and the signal can’t reach the phone or receiver. It might help to put the sensor in a different location.

Ah, I’ll try. I’m a crazy sleeper! Ty.

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Dude. I was going into Day 10 and my signal loss alarms were UNREAL two nights ago. It sucked so bad.

I think I’m gonna just have to switch sensors on Day 9 bc this keeps happening.

I finally hid my phone under a stack of clothes in my closet and closed the door at 5am but I was so ticked by that point that I never fell back asleep.

Isn’t signal loss one of those alarms that sounds no matter what mode you’re phone is in? I’m too lazy to look right now.

Signal loss can be turned off in the settings.


First, signal loss could be caused by a failing transmitter, but definitely not by a bad sensor. Changing the physical location of the sensor might mitigate the problem, but I don’t see how the sensor in and of itself could cause signal failure.

Second, you seem to be more concerned about preventing the alarm than correcting the signal loss. What am I not understanding about your situation? :confused:

That I wanted sleep and my blood sugar was fine.

Sensor was throwing a lot of signal loss alarms, interspersed with false rapid rise rate alerts and then fall rate alerts. None of them were true.

So this plus this routinely happening on Day 10 leads me to conclude it’s the sensor.

Transmitter has always worked and connected just fine on the subsequent fresh sensor.

Does that help?


Signal loss alarm can’t be changed for specific (e.g. night) alarm settings, only shut off completely. I’ve spent quite a few “day 8” nights on the couch, because of random signal loss, weird readings, alarms (my favorite was the “rapid fall”, when the arrow was pointing straight up). About 1 in 5 have been completely wonky by day 9.


WE’ve been having this a ton too, I think it might have to do with some sort of update. Like it stops running spontaneously and when it opens itself back up, it’s Signal Loss.
Super annoying. No idea how to fix.


In the past 3 months Dexcom has sent 4 new sensors because mine keep failing on every eight day like clockwork. It starts with signal loss wait 30 minutes to finally at night the dreaded 3 hour message. I call tech support even if 1 am and get the same story about have you taken Tylenol as their new excuse. Thought that was no longer an issue in G6 but it all of a sudden is. Ultimately they ship new sensor but it’s just irritating. Used libre system for 2 years with no issues but insurance forced dexcom on me.


It is a transmitter issue. I had the same problem, sent me a new transmitter and have had no issues


Welcome! Sorry you are having so many problems with your sensors. You can submit requests to tech support online now: much less frustrating!


I have had the signal loss problem many times. The cause is always the sensor. I should clarify, it is always the sensor location problem. From my experience I usually get about 9 days on a sensor and an occasional 10 days.

I use the Dexcom receiver for monitoring the G6 transmitter. In addition I use my Smartwatch with xDrip/ Wear OS for monitoring the other bluetooth port of the Dexcom transmitter. That way there are no conflicts with calibration and reporting error messages.

Dexcom is aware that there is a problem for people with a low Body Mass Index with the G6 sensor.


I was having signal loss at night several times and also during day. Went on for a few days. Very annoying. Called and tech said was because I updated my iPhone IOS. And Dexcom had not caught up. Seemed plausible. Changed my sensor as a scheduled a day later and go figure worked just fine. So i don’t think was phone update. Probably sensor or sensor position on arm. Was kind of near bicep.


This info may provide some insight.

The signal loss error has nothing to do with the performance of the sensor. If the transmitter has been fine in the past it’s probably ok.

The iPhone app, the Dexcom G6, or Android app needs to be running on the phone at all times. The iPhone Low Power Mode must be off. Have only the active transmitter list as active Bluetooth device. The transmitter and the phone only connect for less than a second every 5 min.

Here are some things that can cause signal loss: other bluetooth devices disrupting signal like magnetic field, bluetooth panging systems like in a hospital, exercise machines, body parts, computers, ham radios, bluetooth splinters, walls, antennas broadcasting signals, software apps on the phone that control bluetooth signals or battery (Low Power Mode), kid’s bodies, animals, heating pad, heavy blankets…and more.

Check around and see if there is something that is near whenever it looses signal. Should come back in 5 min or so.

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I too am having more signal losses. Sometimes when my device is in my hand and I’m carrying at 6 inches from my DexCom insert. Is it that there are too many Bluetooth devices in the household? Or the world?

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