Dexcom sensor life

So, I’ve been noticing an odd trend with my g6 sensors. The ones that I never have to calibrate, and are the closest to BGs constantly, seem to die on the 8th day. Like it takes more out of them to be accurate. I was really loving my last one, not ONE erroneous alarm or reading, until yesterday, when it kept on losing signal. I kept hoping it would just fix itself after a little vacation, but no. 3 am woken up with a “sensor stopped” alarm. I guess it just got tired, and hit the wall. Btw, my husband has gotten used to me cheering on the good ones, “You can do it! Just 2 more days!”


So sorry, @Mariethm . I haven’t had this problem, but am sure it’s aggravating. :sunflower:

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The “signal lost” alarm is down to the transmitter, the thing that plugs in to the sensor, not the sensor itself. Mostly the cause seems to be the battery inside the transmitter; my experience suggests that as the transmitter gets older it loses signal more often. I think there is some issue with transmitter versions too, the last two transmitters I’ve used have been “8L” transmitters and they seem to be worse about signal loss and maybe just about everything; the first one failed after a few days with a “transmitter error”, first I’ve ever seen.

I believe that. I never calibrate so, apart from my recent 8L experiences, my sensors die with repeated “sensor errors”. In fact until recently most of them just reach 10 days and self-immolate, the world as it should be. Those that don’t show “sensor error” with ever repeated frequency and 3 hour delays starting from about the 8th day. I suspect (though I certainly cannot prove) that the transmitter is trying to recalibrate to an increasingly erratic sensor and I can believe that manual calibration may avoid this by cutting out the stuff in the transmitter that handles calibration.


@Mariethm I have had the same experience, with many of mine giving up in 9 days. I seldom try to restart a G6 now even if they get to 10 days, because they last maybe one day more. Dexcom has obviously fine-tuned the coatings to make sure you can’t extend use way we did in the past. And I am allergic to their current adhesive, so the barrier I use to prevent rashes doesn’t last much long either.

I get the dropouts too just before the sensor hits the wall. Would like to pull it off when that first happens, but then I have to call Dexcom for a replacement.


Talked to Dexcom. They said that only the transmitter was able to randomly stop the sensor, so getting replacement for both. So far, new sensor hasn’t had any signal loss, but it also hasn’t been very accurate.

I was trying to come up with an analogy for my g6 experiences so far.

My last sensor was like an awesome boyfriend who suddenly stops calling. You miss him, but knew it was too good to be true. And you’d take him back in a heartbeat.
This sensor is the ho-hum boyfriend, who you just keep around so that you have the comfort of knowing that you’re not completely alone. But if he stopped calling, you’d be sort of relieved.