Extending life of G6 transmitter/sensor

I’m primarily interested in extending the life of G6 transmitters, since I don’t trust a sensor for 20 days. There are several online videos showing how to extend the life of a G6 transmitter by inserting a plastic strip between the transmitter contacts and the G6 sensor bed. For example, 2022 METHOD Restarting Dexcom G6 Transmitter/Sensor No "Popping It Out" Best Way Extend Past 10 Days - YouTube
But the 1st step in the process is to touch “STOP SENSOR” in the app. Unfortunately, if the transmitter has been active more then 99 days when you do that, the app immediately deactivates the transmitter and tells you to sync a new one. If you try to re-enter the same transmitter SN, it just rejects it. Is it really necessary to stop the sensor? Won’t that happen automatically when the phone or receiver loses bluetooth contact for 25 minutes?

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It is required to restart the sensor. If the transmitter is EOL, it’s EOL. I regularly use our sons SENSORS for 20+ days using this method, but at the end of the 90 days we get warnings that the transmitter will expire soon and another saying “this is your last session”…when that happens, it’s done (at 112 days). We swap it out with a new transmitter and start the process over again. I used to use the Reset app, but haven’t used that for a while.

If you don’t stop the sensor, you can’t “reset” it using that method and I don’t know a way around having to stop sensor, pull out transmitter, wait 15 min, put it back in, plug in old sensor ID manually, then starting sensor and doing the 2 hour warmup.

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I think it no longer works with current G6 transmitters.

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I thought I read something about that, which is probably why I don’t use the app anymore…something about an “N series” or “G series” or something or other, transmitters. Couldn’t find the article, but if it still worked on G6’s, I’m sure I’d still be using it as I did with Liams’ G5’s.

@Klondiker You can insert a contour test strip into the slot at the end instead of clipping a verio test strip. But you really have to be able to really shove it in and since I wear mine on my arm, it’s not the easiest. I have done it, it blocks the communication. But that whole process is to restart the sensor, to use it more than the original 10 days, not to extend the life of a transmitter. Popping it out with a guitar pick on the sides is much easier.

I don’t believe anyone has been successful at extending transmitters past their time of the 110-112 days. Dexcom gives you another 10 days use of a transmitters/sensor life before the magic life of the 99/101 day cut off of the transmitter. Past that 99/101 days, say at 103 days and a new sensor or restarted sensor won’t work because that puts you past the absolute cut off end life of the transmitter. You used to be able to extend transmitters, but Dexcom managed to change that in the “newer” transmitters. Besides the batteries in the transmitters do have a limited life. I have used them after the expiration date ran out and they don’t last much longer. Dexcom guarantees them only for 90 days.

The G7’s that we expect to hit sound like we might not be able to restart the sensors anymore. The transmitter and the sensor will be one piece.

Sorry for the 99/101/102 days etc. I don’t remember the exact cut off day of the transmitter lol, I thought it was at 101, which would make it to 110 but…I really don’t remember.


@Klondiker : Extending G6 transmitters beyond 100-110 days can’t be done if you use the Dexcom app or the Dexcom receiver. That YouTuber you linked to keeps saying “transmitter” when he should be saying “sensor”.


112 days is the official cutoff, End of Life.