Tandem Infusion Set - Changing Sites

Do you have any tips putting on a new Tandem infusion set in so that the needle doesn’t jab in before you’re ready? My trainer taught me to pull it back, then put it against my skin, then press down, but sometimes it pops before I’m ready and I waste a set. I could put it against my skin first, it’s hard if it’s in the back or an awkward spot. I’ve wasted probably 10 in the few months I’ve been getting used to this pump.

I took a photo of an old applicator to illustrate what might be your problem.

There is an indentation (black circle) on the sides with the notch for placing the tubing. Over on the far right of my picture is a place that is made for gripping. The places with the indentation (circle) is where you press to trigger the insertion. No other places on the applicator will trigger release.

If I am right you are arming the applicator while sometimes on the release areas. Take a used applicator and try it out. Do be careful about the insertion needle. I bend them over and tuck them away.

This is a new way to ruin a set for me. I have forgotten to remove the needle guard and pulled the set off the needle when removing the spiral backing from the adhesive pad.

I hope this is it, because it’s really annoying to ruin a set.

I want to add this Tandem video, It might clarify what I was trying to say.