What are these for?

So, in every box of infusion sets they include two of these and I can’t figure out what they are for. When I tug on the blue wings attached to an infusion set, the blue wings are non-removable. There are no instructions, and I can’t figure out how or when to use them, since if the blue wings broke off one of the infusion sets the needle that goes into the port would surely be damaged as well. Help me out with your accumulated knowledge.

Also, if you don’t what we are supposed to do with them, do you have any ideas on what to do with them?

I think those are “plugs”. When you take a shower and remove the pump, you cover the infusion hole.

Actually, I think one would be for the infusion site, and the other would be for the pump…

That’s a guess. I’ve never used those infusion sets the way they are prescribed, but I have used them.

Yup–you can insert 'em in the set when you detach from the tubing to take a shower or go in the water if you’re worried about germy water getting into your body that way. I just ignore them, but some people worry about that kind of thing and I guess the manufacturers wanted to give them something so they wouldn’t freak out about it.

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Makes complete sense. Thanks. Guess they forgot to tell us when they trained us, but more interesting is there is no mention of them in the instructions…

Oh well.