Re-using pump infusion sets

You can reuse infusion sets. Not just leave them in the same place, but re-insert them into a different place. This can be used as a cost saving measure.

These instructions are for the manually inserted teflon infusion sets:

  1. After you insert the cannula, and remove the insertion needle (stylus), keep the stylus. Just put it in a safe clean place.
    cannula and stylus

  2. After 3 days or whenever you remove the cannula from your body, don’t throw it out. Just gently clean the cannula with alcohol.

  3. Reinsert the stylus you saved in BACK into the cannula. Do it carefully so you don’t pierce the side of the cannula with the stylus.
    stylus reinserted into cannula, ready for re-use

  4. Now you can reinsert the whole thing into a different location on your body.

  5. Because the adhesive is already used, you will need to use a different adhesive, such as Tegaderm or DexTape to secure the infusion set.

  6. Re-using it twice - for another 3 days - is pretty easy. More than that and it becomes a bit fragile.

  7. As always, check your BG frequently after a site change.


I am guessing it would make sense to try this out a couple times on something like a tomato to get the feel for it?

Abs of Steel, Thomas. Abs of Steel.


After reading the comments from @Eric and @Jen, I feel like a complete noob…Especially since I am such a penny pincher and never even considered this method, Thanks for the tips!!


Here is the post I was telling you about in email. This should work either with teflon or metal infusion sets.

Try it sometime and see what you think.

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I don’t know if you’re around here, but I thought this might be right down your alley…