Tandem Customer Service - well done

So after three years I managed to destroy my Tandem X2 screen.

As some may know, I keep my pump in my pocket as it keeps everything out of the way and keeps we from constantly snagging the tubing. Anyway I was doing some work at my house which required crawling around on my stomach and I must of hit something which destroyed the screen.

Anyway getting to the point of the post. Called Tandem Monday morning and being under warranty they overnight shipped a refurbished pump to me. I received at 2:00 today.

So fortunately I don’t have some long saga about terrible customer service. It went very smooth and couldn’t expect much better service and with absolutely no hassle. So I wanted to mention when a company handles a distressing situation very well.


Glad to hear it. Our Tandem pump problems/experience mirror yours. If we were in warranty they always overnighted a replacement. happened twice for us.