Tandem Problems

I have been on the Tandem pump for a few years. While I like the pump, I do have issues with the company. Each time I need supplies, they are late in fulfilling the order and then send it from San Diego to DC via ground (5 to 7 days). I asked to be on automatic refill, but they messed that up and dropped me from the service when the previous supply order was late (they told me that they had to take me off of the auto refill in order to get me the order on time). The Tandem reps tell me that they are undergoing growing pains and have opened an office in Idaho. These companies act like we can get along without their products. I wish someone was running these companies that had type 1 so that they would appreciate what we go through.


Do you get supplies from Tandem or DME supplier? Does your insurance allow any other provider ?

I get supplies on auto-ship from CCS Medical. Did have issues originally mostly due to COVID disruptions, people working from home and messages not followed up. But past 6 months has been smooth.


Call and confirm and annoy again. I worked in pharmacy as a floor clerk and, with dme items and/or rx, it always helps to call annoy and repeat until you get what you want. You are your best advocate. Remind them of how important your business is.