First Scheduled Delivery Today for TSlim Supplies.... but it didn't arrive!

Having been with Medtronic for the last 13 or so years, I have never had the experience of having to order supplies through a separate distributor. Medtronic does it all in-house. Today I was supposed to receive my first delivery of supplies for my new pump (set to arrive Monday-- I hope!), but my supplies never made it here. As much as I complain about Medtronic these days, I can say I’ve never had a scheduled delivery not arrive. Is this to be expected? I’ll call first thing Monday, but I’m wondering if I should check with neighbors in the meantime…

I have never gotten supplies directly from Medtronics, in 20 years. In recent years, from Byram, and always get email alert with tracking.


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Really?? I didn’t even know there was any other way!

I relied on my employer benefits team to recommend the suppliers they had contracts with, with best pricing for my plans. One year I got new pump, supplies and dexcom sensors through pharmacy with $40 copays, but then they switched to DME with much higher co-pays.

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Your supplies weren’t supposed to arrive with your pump? That’s how mine came and how just about every unboxing on Youtube seems to have arrived. But perhaps that’s a quirk of your particular distributor or getting the pump through the “special offer” that you are? Not sure!



Hmmmmmm… :thinking: I have no idea. I am getting my supplies from one place and my pump from another. Isn’t that how it works for everyone?? How would they arrive together??


There’s nothing out there this morning, which is good because it poured all night, but I see phone calls in my future… and I really dislike phone calls. :roll_eyes:

I agree it is unusual.

Are you using two different distributors or is one direct from Tandem? Two different distributors would be highly unusual. Unless it has to do with one distributor accepting your insurance for supplies going forward and the other being its own one-time thing.

Do you have shipper tracking numbers from both distributors? If not, that is the first thing you want. Get the tracking numbers.

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No, I got my pump and get my supplies from the same distributor, specified by my insurance company. Everything came in one big box when I got my pump. But I’m guessing maybe since your pump is part of the special offer thingy it’s coming direct from Tandem and your supplies are coming separately from a distributor?

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Was there any kind of tracking number for that order so you can see where the box is? I’ve had deliveries that didn’t show up but it turned out that the delivery service just hid the box somewhere I hadn’t thought to look until I saw on their web site something like “delivered 11:15am side door.”

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It could just be an impact from the seasonal delivery schedules. Delivery times start to get behind now.


I was wondering (hoping) the same. I ordered something from Amazon yesterday… got it today. Too bad Amazon can’t be in charge of my medical supplies. If I’m allowed to make such a joke in poor taste… since they don’t get lunch breaks over at Amazon, right? :grimacing:

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I can only find one tracking number in my email, and it’s for the pump. I should be happy about that— I guess.

I was going to say something, but I think I’ll check my email again first…

It looks like my pump is coming directly from Tandem. I’ve located the email, checked the tracking, and everything looks like it’s all set for Monday.

Am I allowed to use the name of the distributor I’m using in here?? I spoke with them over the phone, they told me I would be receiving 6 months’ worth of supplies by Friday afternoon, no signature required, but there’s still nothing. I cannot find any kind of email from them.


I would be sure I somehow just confused the whole thing except I know I didn’t. Tandem is Monday, and the supplies were Friday. Could it be next Friday?? Again, the only thing I have to compare it to is Medtronic, and they’re always 3-4 days, but maybe that’s not true elsewhere?


Generally distributors are linked with complaints.

ha ha ha

Six months in one shot is also quite unusual. Three months of supplies are more typical.

You should have been given shipping tracking numbers from both Tandem and the Distributor so you can look up the shipping information direct from the shipping company yourself for both.

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Is there any downfall to this? As I said, I’ve always dealt directly with Medtronic only because I never knew there were alternatives. I wonder what the biggest difference is…

I was surprised, too. It’s 3 months with Medtronic. I’ve met my out of pocket, and they asked if I wanted 6 months’ worth, and, of course, I said yes.

Pumps IT. Or Pumpsit. Maybe pumps it. This is the name of the distributor. Does that mean anything to you?

Which I should’ve received through email, right??

One would expect. I looked up “Pumps It”. Never heard of them before.

When you get your supplies, make sure all the infusion boxes AND all the cartridge boxes have “t:lock” on the outside. I am sure a distributor would never mess up and send the wrong thing… but… you know…

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Oh, good. That’s very comforting. Were you able to find them at least?

Thank you, I will check and double check everything.

Were you able to get shipper tracking numbers for everything so you could track where it all is?