Medtronics pump supplies

Question, Medtronics will not let me upgrade my pump say there is hold on account (working on that) my endo Medtronics rep sent in scripts for supplies for my current 530g and they will sell me them. Does this sound right or will they refuse to sell them to me when I actually order.


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That is a good question, and I don’t have any idea. Why do you think they’d reduse to sell you supplies for your current pump?

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Don’t know if they will, just know that they will not sell me new pump, cgm or transmitter for my 530 because of a hold on my account. Try to be proactive so when it comes to having to order new supplies there are no surprises.

Unless the hold is for non-payment of something, I would think they would still sell you new supplies.

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They wont, my local rep (who’s office is in my endo’s office) is the district manager for Medtronics, checked for me. He called around to suppliers and edgepark will work with my insurance. I already know byram dosent work with my insurance. I’ve heard the horror stories with edgemark but only one I can find sofar.

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We had okay service with Edgepark. They made some mistakes and it often took more than one phone call to fix. But it was better than a sharp stick in the eye.

The best was while we were with Kaiser and were able to work directly with the manufacturers.

Always, almost