Switching endos


Been having problems with endo cde in trying to get omnipod script.
Was told today by office manager they won’t approve, I need to wait till my Medtronic 530g/enlite expires them up grade to the 670g. That there practice only likes there patients on medtronic products. Guess I should have known since the Medtronics regional manager has his main office in there pratice.
Am going back to old endo!
Who can I report them to, in my option there putting arrangement with manufacture ahead of patient health.


That’s asinine that they’d insist on all their patients using only one brand of pump with no consideration of what the patient wants? I’d never put up with that


You could contact the State Department of Health Services, but since a device is a physician preference item, they could argue that they feel the Medtronic device is best for your medical situation. Probably wouldn’t go to far. There are physicians that believe one company is best and all the others are inferior. Hard to combat, other than switching physicians.


Yeah I think that’d just be an exercise in frustration. Just vote with your feet

Did you try pushing back a little? Saying that you’re not interested in a Medtronic pump and that if they wouldn’t work with you then you’d have to go elsewhere?


Didn’t say I would leave, although have been I contact with endo I am moving to. But yes I pushed, been pushing for days, told them today I was sick of my pump, it malfunctioned and I through it away, reply, guess you’ll be mdi till your warranty is up.
Don’t get me wrong my endo I like, or liked the cde is who I am having problems with. I contacted him and got reply from office manager.
My endo I am going to I saw for a couple of years, he is a professor, researcher, and sees a limited amount of paitents. You have to be referred by a patient, have problems with control. Then he sees you, reviews your records and then decides weather to see you.
And for clarification he dosent do research on his patients. And is a t1diabetic from childhood. Told me he’ll help get me whatever pump I want.

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That sucks, it’s terrible to have an inept staff get in between you and a doctor you like. If you can contact him directly and bypass the human shields I’d do so. I’ve seen these situations from the other side of the fence and sometimes the doc truly has no idea the headaches that their staff causes their patients, and in some cases if they did know they’d be extremely displeased

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If I was ever referred to an office manager for that discussion, I would IMMEDIATELY start shopping for a new endo.
In terms of replies like that from a PHYSICIAN, I remind them pointedly that we live in the US. We have that pesky Liberty clause in the Constitution, a 13th Ammendment that prevents physicians from owning us like livestock, and a Supreme Court that has specifically outlined the physician role to RECOMMEND care, and the patients role to ACCEPT or DECLINE the recommendations. And I follow that too with immediately shopping for a new physician.