Tandem Technical Support

I have been using the Tandem t:slim and Dexcom G6 with Control IQ since it was available. It has worked well, until recently.

I had a problem about 2 weeks ago where the transmitter failed about a month early. I tried to replace the sensor and transmitter, but during warm up, it failed again.

I called Dexcom. They walked me through replacing the sensor and using the replacement transmitter. Within 10 minutes during warm up it failed again.

Dexcom patched me over to Tandem. Tandem went through some troubleshooting and then told me to turn off the pump and turn on again. I did that and restarted a new sensor. Tandem said the problem was fixed and promised to send me 2 sensors that I wasted as a result of this problem.

A few days later, I had the pump give me alarms that the data error alert, or something to that effect.

I called Tandem and they walked through some troubleshooting and said that there was no problem with the pump. I expressed my frustration that they were not taking what appeared to me to be either a software or hardware issue with the pump seriously, but they said the pump was fine.

Today, after exercising and eating lunch, I got really tired and fell asleep. I took 4 units of insulin after lunch. I should have gone no higher than 150. My wife woke me up after about an hour and said that I was making weird noises and check my sugar. I was over 300.

I gave myself a bolus to get under control. However, the pump was giving me alarms saying “data error alert.” I called Tandem.

It was a horrible experience. I confirmed with the tech support rep that I had two major issues within the last two weeks. She asked me to recite the data error alert, which I did. I then noticed that the pump front screen indicated that I had about 4 units IOB, but under the pump history everything was gone; today, yesterday, everything! There was no record of the most recent bolus, any previous boluses, or the basal for today or any other day. The entire history was gone.

The tech rep asked me to disconnect the pigtail and give a bolus. I had already done that and it did not deliver anything that was visible. She asked me to repeat the process which I did and still no insulin. We then disconnected the tubing from the reservoir and gave a bolus. Still no insulin.

She then asked me to replace reservoir. I did that.

Then we reset the pump. I did that. No fix. She asked me to disconnect the pig tail again and give a bolus. I did that, and no insulin. And on and on.

She then asked me to hold. About 10 minutes later she came back on line and asked me to get a new lot of reservoirs and do another change out. I did that. It did not fix the problem.

By now, my BG was 350 and climbing.

She then tells me that someone from Tandem will try to give me a call in 2 days or 48 hours.

I asked he what I am supposed to do until then and she said use your old pump. I have no old pump.

I asked her about the 2 sensors I was promised and never got when this problem started 2 weeks ago and she said they had no record of that promise. I asked about the sensor I just wasted on the restart and she said that someone would hopefully get in touch with me.

I have lived with type 1 for 60 years. I know when I am not getting insulin. Moreover, I am not an idiot on electro-mechanical devices. I have a PhD in EECS from MIT and invented one of the first insulin pumps years ago.

I have been a supporter of Tandem, but this experience has made me very very angry. I intend to file a formal compliant with the FDA after documenting this experience.

When I had a Medtronic pump and it failed, I had a new pump in 24 hours.

This is very disappointing.


That is truly terrible customer service. When our Tandem failed, they replaced it within 48 hours as expected. Everything seems to be heading toward the lowest common denomitor with customer service these days.

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