Tallygear G5 receiver case: full plastic cover, or button cut-out preferred

There are two types of Tallygear Neoprene cases: one with a full plastic cover and one that has a plastic cover over only the screen, and a cut-out in the Neoprene for the button.

One issue I have with the full plastic cover model, is that it is really difficult to press the directional arrows.

One issue I have (but I’ve not yet tried it in person) with the other case, is that the button looks to be recessed quite a bit, due to the thickness of the Neoprene. I’m thinking that I might have difficulty pressing the directional arrows if I get that case.


I have the same problem.

I just ordered that other case. I’ll be able to try it in a couple of weeks and give you feedback if you can wait that long. But, from the pics, it looked to me like it would be fine. Could be wrong though.

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Judging by the fact that the Tallygear silicone case was mailed to me the day after my order, via First Class mail, yet the neoprene case my wife ordered took about a week to be sent indicates they make those after they are ordered.

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I noticed the same thing!

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Dave, I am not sure that I will be able to give you the info you need. I am ordering an Omnipod case, and I am realizing that the cutout option is different.

Michel, do you have a link?

They don’t show it on the site, you have to ask for it.

[EDIT] Clarification: I ordered and received an Omnipod case with the full plastic window: it is not on the website but you can ask for it. I found a picture of Omnipod case with a cutout for the buttons area and asked for one. They told me that is not an option – but I asked again, no response yet.

They are very flexible, and obviously made one before – so I think they will agree, but I am not sure.

Another option I have for a case is to get the full plastic window Tallygear and punch out a disc over the receiver button. That way I wouldn’t have the thick neoprene surrounding the buttons, which I anticipate would make it hard to hit the directional arrows. Plus, the Neoprene around the button would surely get dirty from all the handling.

My wife got her full-window Tallygear but hers is for a belt. It’s quite nice.

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Here is my current solution to wearing my receiver on my belt. Cost: ~$5 Works great. When I’m in a situation where I fear that it might get damaged, I can place the silicone case I got from Tallygear, over the front (it’s designed for the back) of the receiver and place it in a pocket.

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I like it, but my boy destroyed his receiver when he fell on his side while wearing it in his pocket. For kids I think something sturdier is required :(i

Possibly the Tallygear case would have protected it.

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Yes. I try not to fall too often. :slight_smile:


And here is my pump in pocket-worthy form:

(The button attached to the back of the receiver allows for instant removal from the belt clip)

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