Case or cover for Blue Jay GTS watch face

I just discovered I put a huge scratch on the watch screen. Any ideas for a cover or case? Not sure if dimensions match any other watch out there. I’ve seen posts about bands but nothing else.


None that I know of.
Part of my screen looks a little odd. Almost like the glass is delaminating.
Still works great though.

I was thinking about getting a screen protector material, putting a large piece on and just trimming as needed. But I haven’t bothered as of yet.
And I am fairly abusive to my watch. So besides a few watch bands I have torn up, it has held up pretty darn good so far! (the X2 watches I had before this also held up well.)

I would be interested of course, if you found something for these watches.

I wrote Locust World as well and they have already responded.They are sending me screen protector at no charge. I can’t say enough good things about this company and excellent customer service. Apparently watch comes with a screen protector in the box? Of course I am out of town this weekend and can’t check to see I missed it.

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I had an issue with one of the first Bluejay watches I got from them. They sent out a replacement ASAP. I was more than just surprised at both their customer service and timing!

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