Bluejay GTS battery running down

Has anyone replaced the battery in their Bluejay GTS watch? Mine is no longer holding a charge very long and I’d rather replace the battery than the watch! Thanks!


I have not done that.

I looked at the back of mine. There are no screws that hold the back on. It’s either a snap-lock or it’s glued shut.

I’m not sure.

One way is to pry the back open.

If it’s a snap-lock, it’s all good. :+1:

But if it’s glued, you just broke it. :frowning:

Probably best to take it to a watch repair place and ask them. It’s usually pretty cheap. Cheaper than a new one.

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My battery completely died as well.
I pried a little on the back with no success.
I haven’t looked harder at it yet though. Let me know if you find something out!

Within a couple days the battery completely died on the GTS and I lost my Fibit watch… not my best of times for watches lately.

Mine is still going strong. But I charge it about a half hour every morning, so don’t know if I would catch a decline in battery life.

Just ordered a replacement watch band on Ebay.

There is a new one coming, but it’s very large. Bluejay says the chip in our GTS models will not handle the required encription processing for the G7, so the new one is a full-fledged Android Wear model. It’s in beta testing now. Needs charging at least every day.


I sent them an email to inquire and will post again when I hear something back.

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That is the deal killer for me.
Otherwise I would already be in the beta for this watch.

I received a reply from one of the techs at Bluejay. The watch case cannot be opened to replace the battery. :cry:

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Ugh, figures.
On that note, maybe I will destroy mine to open it.
My battery is COMPLETELY dead now, so no loss for me to ruin it trying.

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OK, the back of the watch is sealed with a very basic seal. There is some type of gasket/sealant used, but only minimal.

Little soldering and a new battery should be an easy replacement, if you can pop the back off without issues.
Closest battery I found was 502020 battery


BTW, I ended up cracking my screen, or I would replace the battery.
They are cheap, almost tempted to anyways.
I haven’t found a screen replacement though.