I will miss the G5

G5 receiver went through the washing machine back on 5/21, partially dried out for 2 weeks and still works despite all the condensation !!


How sad! It’s amazing it is still working!


Was that originally G4 receiver and upgraded?

I have 2 old G4s that still work, although the screen is pretty scratched.


That is the “old style push button” G5 receiver, 2018 vintage. I have another one I dropped on a hard surface, which still works but with only 1/3 of the screen visible. Those receivers were durable…hoping the G6 receivers can withstand some unintentional abuse.


I started with Dexcom Seven, the football shaped receiver, with case. It was fatter too, and screen on case got pretty bad by the end.


I just switched from the G5 to the G6. Dexcom sent me a code which simply converted my G5 receiver to a G6 receiver. But I don’t think it can convert back.



I fear that we’ve all dropped something electronic in a washer, lake, toilet … never fun!!!

If you live near a Staples (yes, paper and office supplies …) they have a machine called TekDry that is basically a vacuum chamber loaded with desiccant. A full cycle takes about 30 minutes … and I have had good success drying and salvaging wet electronics. As I recall, they charge $25-$35 … and you don’t pay if they can “fix” your device.

Your chances are best if you power down the soggy device as quickly as possible and get to the TekDry device as quickly as possible. Your chances will be best during the first hour or two after submersion … and odds are longer if you have to wait 24-48 hours. If I weren’t near a Staples, sometimes an overnight FedEx box may help.

Best of luck for anyone with wet electronics …



I know this is not an electronic item, but one evening I was cooking chicken in the oven; I couldn’t see with my glasses on (up too close) so I pushed them on top of my head while I was looking to see if the chicken had been cooked enough.

Then I turned on the TV and I couldn’t see and I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I had forgotten that they had been on top of my head, so I went looking for them around the house. Very frustrating . Finally I went back into the kitchen to check on my chicken. the glasses were sitting right on top of the chicken in the oven, completely melted and useless. I was very upset bc I had just bought them the week before and the style had been discontinued and were now irreplaceable. :grimacing: :sob: :rofl:


That’s a first, DM!!! :joy_cat:


How was the chicken?

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Chicken was excellent. Glasses not so. Was able to salvage the lenses though (can’t quite believe that one!!! )

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I did not expect that outcome. So funny. Although sorry you lost your new glasses.