Surgical Adventure

I’m just coming off inguinal hernia surgery and BGs seem all over the place. Also had to change out both pump and G6 last night. Thought it might be wonky G6, but finger sticks have ruled that out. I’m taking acetaminophen (500) along with ibuprofen at same time (prescribed that way, alternate is oxy which I’d prefer to avoid). Have gone thru several bouts of temporary preset increases to handle. Example: ate 12 carbs at breakfast (cottage cheese 2oz, blackberries 1oz, raspberries 1oz, 2 eggs, 2 sausage patties (home made no sugar, no filler)), punched me from 120 to 180+ And hard to bring down. Any clues as to why/how to handle appreciated; normally would have gone to 150 and back down in an hour or so. Hey, the hernia’s gone/fixed, now I just need to learn to poop without use of my abdominals for the next week! So I got that going for me….


I don’t really have any advice @TomH . I had the same surgery about 5 - 6 years ago. I did not take any pain meds but for 48 hours I had these weird balls with tubes going into the incisions that metered pain meds. The balls started out round but eventually collapsed when it was time to ease the tubing out.

I did not need any pain relieve after that. I will admit I had a lot of discoloration down south which the surgeon acknowledged was normal.

Either I am numb or have a high pain tolerance. I only took one pain pill when I had a prostatectomy. That was when I rolled over and pulled on a drain tube.

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Hey I’m going through the same thing! Surgery Tuesday for a clavicle, immediately readings went to 300+ for 24 hours despite taking 300% my normal daily insulin during the same time period. Talked with a nurse the following day and she said I’d been given an IV steroid pre op. So thats at least partially to blame.

If you really want to figure it out you could get someone to runthrough everything on your chart from during/after the procedure. There will also be the trauma/stress of surgery that can cause hard to control highs. Or just live with the highs for a few days and see if they come down.

Glad to hear it went well otherwise and you’re able to avoid the oxy.

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That would’ve done it to me as well. Me and steroids don’t mix.

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@CarlosLuis Thanks for the feedback. Just took my first shower following and noticed the same “discoloration down south”, was just about to send the doc a msg asking if it was normal. At least now I’m not freaking out! Have to admit, its the flat-ist my lower abdomen has been in years! It isn’t so much that I’m in pain, but the discomfort/ache with occasional “twang” if pretty constant, though lessening with time as to be expected (either it goes away or we get used to it!).

I’ve never heard of type med you mention with tubes/balls! The image is interesting. On me, the doc used a Davinci robot, which may account for the difference. Three small incisions, though the right seems to be larger.

Thanks @Karl.n for the feedback, probably just something to work thru and hope previous normal comes back!


I had that for the prostate. The surgeon for the hernia said it wasn’t a good option because of the scar tissue.

My wife said I was decorated for Christmas, with the med balls.

Here’s a link about them

Hi Tom. Hope you’re feeling well, and healing quickly.

I had hip replacement surgery, and I’m 3 weeks post-op and still not back to normal BG-wise. I’ve not had much pain at all, just Celebrex and Tylenol, and now I’m not using Tylenol.

My pre-surgery basal Lantus was 8u and I had to go up to 11u. I’m down to 10u now and still having some random nighttime highs. I’ve had to adjust my insulin:carb ratio (Aspart) from 1:10 to 1:6 (I’m still not back to 1:10, but 1:7 or 1:8), and adjusted my correction from 1:30 mg/dL to 1:20 mg/dL. I’ve had some daytime lows, which I take as a good sign, moving to less insulin resistant, but it’s taking longer than I expected.

I guess the trauma to the body from surgery is greater than I imagined. None of the medical providers I’ve asked has any idea how long the insulin resistance would last. It’s really frustrating! Hang in there, eventually it will pass. :crossed_fingers:


@Jan Thanks for the feedback. I’ve determined I need to change my ICRs temporarily. Correction bolus’s don’t seem to effect the rise much (resistance as you describe), so I need to try to impact before/as the food hits the blood stream and hope that has the desired effect. Seems a shame I just got back new blood tests in anticipation of Endo appt with good results all the way around, but an increased A1c of 6.0 vice the previous 5.6 (though I like to go by GMI/TIR more). Se la…it’s the long game that counts, eh?!


I had two surgeries a week apart about 5 years ago. I know I react strongly to steroids and they commonly give some during surgery so I asked not to be given steroids in the IV and no Glucose Drip. I had no issues with my BG levels after. I did use pain meds as needed, tylenol and codeine, maybe even some Norco, not sure. I had major shoulder surgery the second time so probably quite a lot for the first few days.

But steroids with me, depending on the dose cause high blood sugars very easily and stubborn ones too. A guess, but I suspect you probably were given some if you didn’t request not to be, and that might be what is causing the issue. Just a guess though.


Having managed BGs for 35 years…I’ve had to throw the carb counting approach out the window quite frequently in order to keep the numbers in line. The ratio can change quite a bit throughout the day with or without other reasons. At least for me, the lower the number is, the less of an effect the carbs have and the more of an effect the insulin has.