Thankfully it went well in the end. after 2 failed colonoscopies (bc I wasn’t able to totally evacuate my unusually long colon and bc I have terrible gastropareses) I had to take a more aggressive root this time for my prep. It began a week before the actual procedure. I began by eliminating certain medications and vitamins, eating only easily digestible soft foods like eggs and “white” toast no grains whatsoever (I did a little cheating on this one bc I simply cannot and will not live without my freshly ground peanut butter :wink: ) and then moved into chicken noodle soup and sugar free Vanilla Jello pudding (which I encourage everyone to try; only 10gms of carbs each and wildly delicious!). Plus, I had to take 4TBS of Milk of Mag every evening.

The day before was a pure liquid diet. UGH. In the morning I began with a very soft fast, and Milk of Mag (lucky me). Then the rest of the day was all water and chicken broth. At 4pm I had to take 2 Ducolax, and at 5pm I had to take 28oz of Miralx combined with 64oz on water in a large pitcher, of which I needed to drink 8oz of every 10 minutes. it was soooo nauseating, It took me 2 full hours to complete! Within 1 hour,I began evacuating. And this continued during the night. In fact, I didnt sleep at all bc I was too afraid of any potential accidents. UGH.

What happened with my D:
during my fast, my BG plummeted to 32. I was NOT permitted to have anything orange, red or purple (who eats anything purple anyway??) so my husband ran out to the market and bought me a light colored Apple juice and white old fashioned sugar packets (4gms carbs each).

I lowered my basal to 80% but continued to go low (in the 40s and 50s) and treated with more apple juice. Exhausted from going low, I tempted fate and reduced my basal to 70%. This seemed to keep my BGs just above 70 for the rest of the day, minus a few lows. My overnight I continued to go low and had to treat with more apple juice. When I woke up at 6am, my BG was a comfortable 105, I took my meds and downed a full bottle of the most disgusting laxative in my entire life: Magnesium Citrate.
At 8:30am my BGs had popped up to 259 (holy moly). I treated with 1.5 units IM insulin into my mid-thigh muscle. I waited, but my BG only came down to 245 so I turned OFF my TB.

Before the procedure, I spoke with the anesthiologist about taking another correction injection, but he preferred I remain high until afterwards." Better high than low," he said. I was able to keep my pump and CGM on. After the procedure my BGs were still high. I took another IM shot, this time 2 units. It usually takes me about 1.5 hours to see an almost complete result (and 2 hours before my active insulin is out of my body)

When got home, my BG was 121 and I was ready to eat some very soft food. Shorty afterwards, I plummeted again into my 30s. My D day was a mess, but the doctors told me to expect about 3 days of wonky sugars and not to b concerned.

Glad to report that the surgeon said I had a completely successful colonoscopy, that I am healthy as an Ox, and I’ll C him in another 10 years. The nausea has continued on and off, which I was told to b normal. I had a successful overnight with BGs no higher than 103, waking up at 104.

Thats my story, and I am sticking with it. But PLEASE tell me about your experiences with this,and if you’ve never experienced this procedure, I hope this helps out even just one more D who is up for this experience!

signing out,



My wife has the long colon and had to do two preps in a row and started the clear diet 5 days ahead of the procedure. Not a great amount of fun, but you forgot the second best part, how good was the nap on propofol? My wife said it was lovely.


I wouldn’t know; I faded away and then woke up. I’m guessing your wife is right though; probably lovely :wink:

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I think most would define this as a lovely nap. Thanks for doing your great write up on a not often talked about subject.


you’re very welcome. And btw, I wish I had had something like this to have referred to BEFORE going into this crazy mess!!! :crazy_face:


Okay, this is my moment to shine. I’ve been secretly waiting for someone to ask this question. I’ve mentioned this stuff peripherally in other threads but let’s just put it all out there in one place now! So pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and read on for enjoyment that none of this happened to you guys.

Bottom Line Up Front Regarding Colonoscopies and BG: I was new to diabetes when I was sent for my colonoscopy, so my BG was ALL over the map during prep. Which sucks. Bc it’s prep and you’re so restricted. And no one told me to reduce my Lantus for the fasting or the procedure day. So I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting to go back and I’m just dropping…I was low 60’s and dropping when I finally got brought back. I informed them that I needed Dextrose to get through the procedure and no one had any clue how to do that. Eventually they found a nurse manager who vaguely knew how to work the dextrose set-up in my IV and I ended up in the 150’s post-procedure. I survived. But they did not instill much confidence in me because they could not figure out how to use their BG meter that they were required to use. They were mad at me that my BG wasn’t stable. Well, new diabetic here and no one told me to drop my Lantus to 80% of my full dose. Oh well!

So…the FUN part of this story…not at all helpful to anyone but entertaining for me to tell as my parting gift for surviving this ■■■■ show…

When I was developing diabetes, I shortly thereafter (within a year) developed all kinds of mystery GI problems and SYNCOPE. If you do not know what syncope is, it’s when you pass out when you poop. That is a really inconvenient time to pass out. You don’t even have time to get decent before you fall off the toilet. So rude. And I would also have torturous stomach twisting and gas 80% of each day for a few years.

I was tested for C. Diff. I was tested for Celiac. I was tested for all kinds of things. I was tested for tropical parasites (i.e. you poop in a piece of tupperware in your bathtub that you decide you can part with for the rest of your life despite your tight student-loan-riddled budget, and then you divide your poop into four different test containers according to the helpful test kit instructions in size 6.5 font in six languages…mostly different versions of Cantonese, and then you have to deliver it directly to the lab techs in the hospital basement on a Sunday when they are closed to patients just because it requires you to experience maximum humiliation from having to explain what you are carrying in a brown bag, for what reason, and to deliver to whom through multiple security guard stations and intercom systems).

I didn’t have tropical parasites. Shocker.

As a newlywed alone in a new city bc my husband was traveling, I was half passed out in my apartment hallway not sure if I was passing out from syncope stuff or from a low blood sugar. So I called 911 while chugging orange juice while losing my vision. Three handsome EMT’s showed up and supervised me take my next dump while putting oxygen on me. One EMT looked like a super hot late '80’s Tom Selleck. They eventually took out my trash for me and helped me find my purse before they carried me down three flights of apartment stairs strapped to a gurney (required procedure). I just pretended that I was being carried around like Queen of Sheba and not from having defecated under duress on oxygen.

So…evidently I was being treated by a gastroenterologist who must have sailed through med school with a solid C- average. He over-prescribed prep to me (according to what my future gastroenterologist said…well, what he said was, "Was he trying to KILL you??!). So I was pooping my brains out prepping for the colonoscopy. And then I realized the whole room was going dark and I somehow collapsed in the bathtub tail-end up. That was a low point.

SO…The Actual Fun Part…

I go in for the colonoscopy. I had never been under anesthesia before. I get wheeled back to the recovery area. I was chatty. So Chatty. The C- average gastroenterologist comes back with my husband and a nurse to show me pictures of my intestines (Side Note: What on Earth is the point of this? Without a “normal intestines” picture next to it…there is literally no point to showing me pictures of things I’ve never seen before). So…he asked me if I had any questions for him…

…and oh, I did…

I said, “You’ve seen a lot of butts, right? How does mine rank? Please tell me it’s in the Top Ten!”

…and in my anesthesia-riddled state, I noted that no one knew how to respond to me…but more importantly, I noted that I did not get an answer. They walked away.

On the drive home, I started to remember what had happened. I asked my husband how could he let that happen?! He said, “I can’t control you! I seriously thought the worst possible thing that you could say would be ‘poop’…I had no idea you were gonna go there!”

So, colonoscopy showed nothing other than internal damage from extreme prep conditions. So I got sent for an endoscopy. At this point, I’d gotten pretty used to the bullshit questions that techs ask you because it’s routine to do so in super un-routine life situations. These two big bouncer looking techs are prepping me for my endoscopy. This entails stuffing a million pillows behind you and in front of you on your side, and strapping a Hannibal Lecter gagging mouthpiece in your mouth so you don’t ruin their expensive esophagus camera by biting down on it. After doing all of this to me, they ask, “Are you comfortable?” That’s the bullshit question. Of course you’re not comfortable. They know you’re not comfortable. You know you’re not comfortable. But you are supposed to say that you’re comfortable bc you’ve never been in this situation before and you just figure you should be comfortable bc they say you should be. Through my gagging mouthpiece I just very calmly gutted out a cheery, “No!”. They laughed. And then they told me they were starting my anesthesia. I threw up a metal hand sign and gutted out, “See you on the other side!”, they laughed, and I passed out. And my endoscopy showed nothing new either. It’s telling when you get to the point that your personal entertainment is just screwing with the techs during your crazy endless procedures bc what the hell else can you do for fun now?

I eventually stopped having all of these problems when I started eating yogurt bc a friend’s mom mentioned it from her nurse perspective.

Yogurt effing fixed what no amount of over-the-counter probiotics could touch.

I wish we would have started there. And not pooping in bathtub tupperware.

You’re welcome, everybody! That’s your gift from me today! LOL


Sorry you went through this, but the way you describe it, well, it is hilarious, too!!! :rofl:


Good!!! Some people get bogged down in the sympathy…but, come on, being paraded down outdoor apartment steps on a gurney by late 80’s Tom Selleck?? That’s GOLD now! :rofl: :rofl:


Not bad!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They told me 50%. I think I might use 60% next time.

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You got more info than I did! That 80% number just got thrown at me when they were pissed at me. Your numbers sound better!

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You never got the Tupperware back?


I agree with your wife. The couple times I’ve had propofol, it has been the best nap ever!


@T1Allison I haven’t laughed this much or this loud in a LONG time, thanks for sharing. I’m about to schedule my next colonoscopy (#6 or 7). I get to have the same fun every 5 years, thanks to family history. What a hoot!

Also, thanks for the info about dropping the Lantus doseage! I’ve mentioned getting the colonoscopy in my Endo’s office a couple of times and she’s never commented on dropping the dose for the procedure; I doubt the Gastro would have either.


I’m sorry I’m late to reply…but I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! LOL

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I enjoyed your missive so much, I went back to it and made my wife (a recent inductive to the annal’s of colonoscopy :joy:) listen as I read it to her!


After a colonoscopy they ask you to expel the air they pumped into you to inflate your bowels. The best part of the experience for me is ripping a long one and having the nurse say “attaboy”. That never happens any other time in my life.

Laughed my butt off @T1Allison, Thanks for posting.


That’s even better than butt podding on a riding lawn mower!




@T1Allison is the Queen of butt podding. No one else even comes close, not even @Eric .