Sugru moldable glue: have you done anything exciting with it?

I have been fascinated with this item recently:

It seems like such an amazing ability to have! I have been toying with several diabetes DIY projects with it but nothing has really come out to tell me “make me!.”

Have you done something D and cool with it lately? Inspire me!

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I haven’t done anything D-related or exciting, but I have fixed a bunch of cords/chargers that were fraying/losing their plastic coating at the ends, and it worked very well for that.

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I am wondering if, after sawing a Dexcom G5 in half to get to the battery, you might be able to Sugru it back closed and waterproof.

Although I have a feeling that epoxy might be better – but that might limit how many times you can reopen it!

[quote=“cardamom, post:2, topic:1776”]I
have fixed a bunch of cords/chargers that were fraying/losing their plastic coating at the ends,
What a GREAT idea! I have tossed so many cords and chargers for that reason (in part because we have cats…).

Do you keep your Sugru in the fridge?

Yeah, for me it was a lot of my apple cords/chargers, which I have continued to use across numerous device replacements, so they’ve gotten well beaten up over the years. Those chargers and cords are pricey, and the third party ones just don’t tend to work as well. A little sugru, and pretty much good as new! My recommendation is told mold it as tightly around the exposed portion as possible and then taper/smooth it onto the existing plastic covering of the cord or onto the base of the plug. My girlfriend tried to do it to her cords too, and I think she didn’t use enough/get it smoothed into each side well enough, because it didn’t work as well for her. My first batch is a little awkward looking if you look closely, but since it’s white, it’s not really that noticeable.

I haven’t stored any that’s been opened (I think I used most of a packet on the cords and was skeptical it would be worth saving the little bit extra). The unopened packets aren’t in the fridge.

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The videos I have watched show you sanding the top of the plastic off to expose the batteries; starting with a power sander and then moving towards hand sanding and a knife when the batteries are exposed.

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