Dexcom and adhesives

My son is sporting an amazingly rare blue camo attack Koala on his Dexcom today. We like the grifgrips. Only have to change it one every 12 days or so, letting a Dex go 3-4 weeks is easy peasey.

Our issue with the CGM isn’t the stickiness, is the data cutting out after two weeks. When we begin seeing disconnects in data we change it out. Two weeks average for us. This past one lasted 17 days. Knowing it’s a 7 day product I don’t mind only getting 14 days out of it. :smiley:

Interesting, I can’t remember the last time one crapped out on us at 14 days. Around 24 we usually start getting the “noisy” data, i.e. it doesn’t make a smooth track anymore and starts getting jumpy. Sometimes a restart works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s when we start thinking about replacing. We only use the back of the arms currently for sites.

I am going to test not applying skin-tac because it’s not recommended to apply under the insertion spot. I haven’t really cared since I’m getting one extra week anyway.

We don’t use skin-tac unless we are going to be swimming. Seeing as how I now have a teenager, I am not convinced he cares about the length of time his Dex lasts, but I think he likes showing the girls his camo koala during school as a conversation starter.

Haha. Are there sites that sell CGM and pod skin stickers/tape?

This is the one we use.

Good customer service, fair prices.


These are very good, I’ve used as well.

WE like this, but lately we’ve been using the DexTape, which is clear and a little easier to stick on. Our kid seems to like it a little better too – probably because the GrifGrips tend to be larger.

I like the DexTape a lot too. I use the small size and just replace it every 7-10 days when it starts to peel around the perimeter.

What’s the difference between DexTape and Tegaderm? They look like the same thing except that these are a bit smaller? I’m going to have to try them if it consumes less real estate yet still keeps it stuck for two weeks or longer

For Liam he might enjoy these. They were designed by a nice young lady while still in high school: