SugarMate is back online (able to connect to Dexcom)

Received the following email: Marketo

Was able to connect to my NS data, but this is a viable option again for those who need it.


Just noting that this applies only to users in the US. The rest of the planet, which has been down since October 18, continues to wait for service to be restored.



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I am just on my 4th Dexg6 (starting today) so last week was my first chance to try SugarMate. I love it. I was using GlucoseBuddy and had issues with it duplicating entries. I sync the G6, contour next, and MyFitnessPal. I am a Type 3c so often unpredictable BS as my pancreas sometimes decides to push out a tiny bit of insulin. SugarMate really appears useful, hoping it will be reliable.


Welcome to FUD @Donna51! Glad to see that SugarMate is working for you. We have a solid group of cheerleaders here for the cool things that SugarMate does. It is amazing to see how fast the data integration has taken off over the last few years. Hopefully they keep making it easier.

Dexcom server is down now or something…SugarMate having connection problems again with Dexcom servers. Not sure if I’m alone or not on this one, but it was working until an hour or so ago then just stopped working then SugarMate indicated I need to update to a new Data Source (which was already set up and working).

Oh well, it’ll probably get fixed soon. NS and Loop still work so we’re still gravy.

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@ClaudnDaye Mine was down from about 4:55 EDT to 5:50 EDT. I hadn’t noticed it because I was installing a new pellet stove at my cabin; but it’s back to working!

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This morning at 7:30 I discovered a signal loss beginning at 5 a.m. mountain time and just thought the transmitter died ‘cos it was near the end of the that session. But maybe it was something to do with the servers??

@ClaudnDaye Nothing on my end unless it recaptured the data when it resumed.


I had to reconnect again to Dexcom within SugarMate. Was all very strange

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