Stepped down as an Admin

Just an FYI to the members, effective immediately, I have stepped down as an Admin. I’ll still be around and participate as always, with the wonderful folks of this community! You guys and gals truly make this a special place.


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I don’t mean to be all up in your business…but who will do the poorly drawn arrows in response to the fools who can’t find their gear things?

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hehe. I am not going anywhere. I will STILL be here to do the poorly drawn arrows! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, but… if you promise…

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@ClaudnDaye Where’s the sad emoji? I found the heart one, and for this topic it seems somehow obscene…

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It was my decision, and it was a good one. No worries about me! I’m happy to be here and contribute with you all!


awww…but you are still going to be listed as cofounder right? and thanks for helping me with my poll that i have. as long as you are still busy with our threads :slight_smile:

Yes, as a co-founder, that will stay. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate everything you have done.

Just so you know, I will do anything I can for Liam. Anything I can ever do for that young superstar, that is where my heart is. Forever and ever.


Whatever your reasons for stepping down, I’m sure it was a tuff decision.

I know what it is like to serve as an admin, I do so on another site. No one serves as an admin for their own glory. Being an admin is work but it is a labor of love. One must have the desire to serve others to want to be an admin.

Your service to this community has been greatly appreciated by me and I’m sure by others.

I am glad you are continuing on as a member.


Veeeeery infrequent poster, but active lurker – THANK YOU for helping to create this amazing site and for all of the work you’ve put in to being an administrator! Looking forward to continuing to read your experiences, advice, etc! Jessica