Standalone smartwatch + Tandem t:slim x2 + G6

Hi there,

I am trying to help my GF. We moved to France where she got a new pump with Control IQ, the problem is that here they use mg/dL and not what she’s used mmol/dL.

I would like to find a standalone watch if possible which will display her BG in mmol.

Her G6 sensor is now connected to her tslim pump and her endo uses the data from the pump.

She also has the Dexcom app with the mmol/dL unit on it but we are looking into something more practical so a standalone watch would the best as she likes to put her phone on airplane mode at night and only have the pump alarms on.


  1. Can she have a standalone watch at the same time with the pump connected to the G6 and the phone also connected without creating any conflicts?
  2. From this page there is a list of smartwatches that can be made standalone by flashing the firmware.
    2.1. Is this correct ?
    2.2. Is this list up to date ?
    2.3. Are there new watches that can be standalone with/without flashing the firmware ?

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Thank you in advance.

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I’m not much help. I really wish that there was an international standard for the units of measurements. France doesn’t use mg/dl but g/L which means a 101mg/dl is 1.01g/L or 5.7mmol/L.

I don’t have personal experience with the Blue Jay GTS watch, but it may be stand alone. I think the problem is going to get it to display different from what is sent to the watch.

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GTS is standalone, and afaik can display whatever units you want. I have switched my (US purchased) dexcom from mg/dl to mmol/L and back.


Good to know. I was interested in the Blue Jay GTS, but wanted some of the fitness features on Garmin and Apple watches. I contacted the Blue Jay people and they are working on those features. We will see.

Thanks Carlos.

Yeah I saw the Bluejay watch but she is more interested into something either smaller/discrete or more feminine.

And yes you can choose the unit you want, only the pump is stuck to a single unit, apparently when they get certified they get certified within the country only for the unit used in the country. We tried to source another pump in Switzerland but there was the issue that the insurance wouldn’t cover it.

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I’m not sure my information will help, but I have been using a standalone watch first with the Dexcom G5 and now the G6. I have used this watch without any modifications but have been using the xDrip application. Unfortunately, this watch is the Sony Smartwatch 3 which Sony has discontinued. I have successfully used this watch to collect the data every 5 minutes. It also syncs with a smartphone when the phone is turned on and in range of the watch. The Bluejay watch will also work standalone but must also work with the xDrip program.

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Thanks for the info, yes I’ve heard a lot about the Sony Smartwatch 3 it’s a shame that they’ve stopped making it. I need to check out the BlueJay watch.

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