Sous Vide - What should I make


Sous vide cooking is great! I like to slice up meat into serving-sized pieces that I sear before vacuum packing them with some seasoning. I can then freeze them and take one out at a time and cook. It’s basically thawing and cooking in one step. I don’t have to take out the frying pan and clean the whole kitchen every time.

Another thing worth trying is eggs. Since they’re already in their shells, there’s no need for a bag. I usually cook them for 40 minutes at 72 °C. At that temperature its sort of solid, but you can still crack it open and just sort of pour it out of the shell. I hate peeling eggs, so that suits me perfectly :smile: It’s interesting to try different temperatures. A small change can make a big difference.


@Chris. I’m a little late to this thread, but i think that anything you are willing to make and deliver would be especially tasty to try…just a thought…