Repurposed Frio pouch to keep snack cool

I used to carry a particular Kind Bar on my bike rides that could stand up to the Texas heat. I don’t see them locally and began using some similar bars from Sam’s Club called the Better Nut Bar. They were great in late fall, winter and spring, but with the heat coming, well, they have chocolate on the bottom and drizzled on the top. This would melt into a gooey mess.

Rummaging around in one of my “D” drawers I found a Frio pouch. :bulb:time. I hydrated the crystal and put a bar in it, leaving it outside, in the shade for 6 hours. It was perfectly OK. Next phase, I did a 3 hour bike ride with the Frio under my jersey - success! No melted chocolate. We’ll have to see when the temperature rises from the low to mid nineties to closer to 100 F.


That’s a good solution. Great thinking!


I’m inspired by you, Eric.


We all are!!!