Sony 3 Smart Watch - can it be used with an iPad Touch?

I know there is a way to sync a Sony 3 with a smart phone, and then to get readings on the watch face, without having the phone around.

I have the Sony 3, I have an HTC android to get it set up, and also have an iPod Touch 8 (that I am currently receiving readings on from the Dexcom6 app).

It would be amazing if someone could walk me thru this step by step with child like instructions :slight_smile: All said and done, it sounds like I need to get an Apple watch, but I was hoping to use what I have.


Hi again @alliaz18.

An Android watch ( the SSW3) cannot connect to an Apple product, if that’s what you’re asking.

However, if you get the Dexcom Follow app for your iPad, you can get the readings on it via Dexcom Share from xDrip+ on your phone.

On your xDrip+ phone, go to settings> Cloud upload> Dexcom Share server, and fill in your Dexcom credentials and make your iPad the follower.

As long as the xDrip+ phone and the ipad are connected to the internet you will get instant readings on the iphone follower app.