Smartwatch like colector with FreeStyle Libre 1 plus and miaomiao

I found a discussion about how smartwatch works as a standalone collector (away from cell phone) in this forum:

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It happens that this post is for those who have the Dexcom-G6 and it seems that there are some limitations. An example is the use of an old smartwatch without sending the data to Nightscout, which is a great help to keep up with the children when they are at school.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make a smartwatch work as a standalone collector with xDrip+, miaomiao and FreeStyle Libre 1?

For context. miaomiao works as an intermediary between FreeStyle and xDrip by sending the data to xDrip.

On the miaomiao website there is information that this is possible but they do not indicate which smartwatches would work. Even contacting them. But they guarantee it works.

I understand that this is a functionality of xDrip+ and not of miaomiao.

This information can be found on the miaomiao website:

On your watch, please open Google Play Store and find xDrip+ then install it.

However, I went to a Samsung store and with the seller we entered the Play Store and did not find xDrip+ (of course, because the installation is via apk).

In the discussion, colleagues report that the following smartwatches work with the Dexcom G6:

Sony Smartwatch 3
Finow Pro

But they are old smarts. I believe there are more modern options that connect cellular networks and can send to Nightscout.

My guess is the Samsung Watch 4 LTE. Because this one has everything I understand possible and it still plugs in like a clone of your phone and works like it even without being around.

What do you say about this? If not, can anyone tell me the reasons why Sony and Finow work? To try to understand and find something more modern that works and send the data to Nightscout.

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