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I have received, on two occasions now, a notice on my Dexcom app on my phone, that as of May 20, 2021 that my Dexcom app might no longer be able to receive updates. I am using an older android Samsung S7 with an OS of 8. The notice said that an OS of 9 will now be required to insure that the app works properly. Sooooo, I have been looking at new phone options. Does anyone have a new Samsung S21 that the app works on??? I went to Dexcom.com/compatibility and I don’t think they have updated there list in a very long time. Any phone suggestions guys?

Well, keep in mind that just because it does not receive updates does not mean it will suddenly stop working. Certain things may not get fixed or changed. But for the most part, in whatever way it works now, it will keep working that same way after that date. Until maybe they change the sensors or transmitters or something that causes it to stop working.

You may not be able to do sharing, or something like that. But the local communication between your phone and your transmitter will have no idea that anything in the outside world has changed.

The reason I am saying this is that you may not have to rush. You can look for new phone options, but I don’t think it’s urgent. I have only updated the Dexcom app on my phone once in 5 years, and it kept working.

@Eric your points are true, but Dexcom might decide to lock the app in the Play store which could invalidate apps on specific phone models. The easier workaround would be to utilize the Dexcom app that’s found on a Reddit that has the Play store restrictions removed. Then you could continue using your phone that you’re happy with regardless of what Dexcom dictates.

Alternatively @Patty could also utilize XDrip.

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