Dexcom Share/Follow - Warning - Must Upgrade Android OS

I just noticed a warning message on the Tablet I use to Follow the Dexcom cgm data.

This is the tablet I keep the Dexcom Follow App on the nightstand so I can see the cgm data at night without having to touch anything. This old tablet is perfect for this task. It runs Android 4.4 and can not be upgraded further.
Thanks Dexcom. Not.

And the stupid compatibility page for Dexcom still lists Android 4.4 as being compatible for the Dexcom Follow App.

In the Google app store (or whatever the stupid thing is called) it still has the Dexcom Follow App version listed from October 10, 2016 as version 1.1.2 requiring Android 4.4 (and up).

Apple itune store has more current versions of the Dexcom Follow with the most recent version 3.2.0 dated Nov 5, 2018. Apparently I could get Dexcom Follow on an iPhone which can send the data to the Apple Watch.



I wonder what else is going to break with the Dexcom hosting change. I like how they try to blame Google for this? Like WTF?

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Dexcom Share
On April 8, 2019, you must be running on Android OS 6 or above to continue using the Follow App

A hyperlink it provide for additional information:

Dexcom FOLLOW App
Q: Important Follow App update for Android Users

In response to Google’s hosting changes, which will take effect in April 2019, Dexcom will be providing an update to the Follow App in March 2019. All Android Follow App users will be required to upgrade to this new version of Follow to continue using the Follow App.

This Follow App update will require Android Follow App users to be running a minimum of Operating System (OS) 6 or greater. If your device does not support OS 6 or greater, you will need to upgrade your device first.

For more information on Follow App smart device compatibility (

If you still have questions or would like to speak with a customer service representative, please call 1 844-607-8398. Please note: This update does not affect iOS users in any way, this is only relevant for Android users using a smart device running OS 5 or older.


@Thomas i would not be surprised to see an “official” Dexcom app that supports 4.4 and has had the Play restrictions removed on Reddit soon. You can get the app currently on Reddit for phones that are completely unsupported, and they work just fine (i have one).