DEXCOM 5 and compatible devices

I have Dexcom 5 and am using a Samsung S8+ to get my CGM readings. Dexcom will never be updating their app to be used with android pie (version 9) because it’s been about a year since the website has been updated. I would like to know a straight answer to this, because my phone keeps wanting me to update the o/s and I have to decline it every time. Is anyone else in this situation where they can’t update to the newest android using a S8, and continue to have to decline the update? Has anyone updated to the newest o/s on a GALAXY S8 or S8+ and have been able to continue to use the Dexcom app to get the readings? Are they as accurate as they were before? Come on Dexcom, why are you dragging ur feet to get the updates needed to upgrade my o/s? Figures it’s a greedy pharmaceutical company so I guess that’s what to expect.

@Nobeac Not sure about this, but some guys developed the Dexcom app to be compatible with all Android phones. So you don’t have to wait for Dexcom.

Dexcom App For All Android Phones

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