Samsung Phone compatibility for Dexcom G7

Does anyone have experience of using dexcom g7 on samsung phones. Looking at their compatibility site, they all only go up to android 11. Whereas android 12 has been out for a year and 11% of android phones have android 12.

Where I am we don’t have G7 yet, just G6. Do you have g7?


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Hi bostrav59,
What part of the world are you in? I am in the UK. My wife is currently still using the G6 on a Samsung S8 and I am using the Follow app also on an S8. We initiated the transfer to G7 last month but then discovered it was not supported on the S8. I then purchased a Samsung S10e which when first activated did a software upgrade to android 12. Unfortunately the Follow app does not run successfully on it so am unsure about using the G7 app on it. Using the Dexcom compatibility checker, most Samsung phones I have checked show support of the G7 and Follow apps up to android 11. Despite this I am sure there are a lot of users out there who are successfully using them on android 12 phones.
I would recommend the G7 when it comes available to you. It is smaller with an integrated transmitter and it has a faster startup time.

Thanks @ngl I am in New England and the US has not approved G7 yet. Do you like it better than G6?

As you can tell from many of the posts, many of us are really done with the G6 so I am interested in your evaluation of the g7.


Hi bostrav59,
My wife has not yet started to use the G7 as we are still trying to sort out a compatible Samsung phone to use it with.
However we definately want to transfer to the G7, the advantages are:

  • smaller device and has an integrated transmitter
  • still needs to be replaced every 10 days but there is a extra 12 hour leeway
  • faster start up time
  • in the uk a small amount cheaper than the G6
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Thanks. Let us know when you get a chance to try it out and what your wife thinks about it.

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I would still be interested to know if anyone has experience with Samsung phones and the G7 especially using android 12 or 13. Dexcom have pointed out to me that it takes some time for them to validate new android versions due to the medical nature of the app. I have now got a Samsung S20 ultra and the Follow app works on this at android 12 despite the compatibily site giving its compatibility up to android 11. I obviously cannot test the main G7 app without upgrading to the G7 sensor and am reluctant to do that in case it does not work.