ReliOn meter discontinued

I wanted to update everyone on the ReliOn meters…

A while back, ReliOn / Walmart / Arkray announced that the ReliOn Micro meter would be discontinued. So I asked if anyone saw a Micro meter in a store to grab it for me.

The ReliOn company is somewhat confusing. They are the support and brand name for a product that is made by the Arkray company, that Walmart owns. Arkray basically works for Walmart, and makes ReliOn. I think that is the gist of it.

Anyway…ReliOn had 2 meters which used the same strip - the Micro meter and the Confirm meter. It was announced that the Micro meter was being discontinued, but the Confirm meter was not. This was according to all the companies - ReliOn, Walmart, and Arkray.

The fact that the Confirm meter was not going to be discontinued was great news for me. Since they use the same strip, I could just keep buying the Confirm strips and keep using the Micro meters that the very kind FUDers got for me:

Before I asked anyone to help me in finding any leftover Micro meters, I made several calls to each of the companies - ReliOn, Walmart, and Arkray - and all 3 of them told me that the Confirm meter and its strips would still be available. The people from ReliOn actually read a press announcement to me from Walmart saying this!

So I was happy that I could still get strips. And greatly appreciated the meters that were sent to me.

Then Walmart did a lousy thing and announced that the Confirm meter and its strips would also be discontinued. So now I had a bunch of meters that no longer had strips available.

I had a pretty reasonable complaint to Walmart - they sold meters and then stopped making the strips for them, soon after they sold the meters!

I made some calls, and after a lot of haggling with Walmart, I was able to get reimbursed for the meters and refund the FUDers who bought them for me.

It was funny to get them to agree to refund me, because they told me to just bring the meter into a Walmart and go to the pharmacy counter. I walked win with a bag of 12 meters, and they pitched another fit! :grinning:

Anyway, it’s all done. Refunded and no more Micro meters, no more Confirm meters, and no more strips (other than the few hundred I have left).

Thanks again to the kind people who got the meters for me - CatLady, MM2, Nickyghaleb, mike_g. You guys are great!

Tagging @ReliOnAM on this, Scott Eisenschenk who is the ReliOn Account Manager with Arkray.


Don’t. Don’t send me anything… buy yourself a pretty pink jacket with it or something.

And sorry to hear the news. :confused:


Looks like my local Wal-Mart still has strips in stock. $9 for 50 strips.

Wish I could find something to buy with that gift card. Don’t usually shop there…

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@Eric, if you decide to buy a pretty pink jacket as @Nickyghaleb suggests, please do post a Pic while wearing it for us to all enjoy. :grin:

Bummer about the meters. Best cheap meter around.