The ReliOn Premier Blu: a new Walmart Bluetooth meter with cheap strips

I just found out from @Tony about this new meter in this post. I find it quite interesting, because:

  • it is Bluetooth enabled, working with a Walmart online App

  • the Walmart listing info describes as a highly accurate meter, in stronger terms than the ReliOn Prime

  • while it has its own strips, they are priced equally to the ReliOn Prime, very low (about $18 per 100 on the Walmart site in the US)

Here is the link:

“ReliOn Premier BLU is a highly accurate, full-featured blood glucose monitoring system featuring Bluetooth technology. Wireless Bluetooth technology connects the meter to a cloud-based portal through the ReliOn Life app you download onto your smartphone. The ReliOn Life app makes test results available at any time on your ISO/Android compatible phone, eliminating the need for paper logbooks.”

It comes with another new meter in the same family, the ReliOn Premier Voice, which gives you vebral instructions for setup and operations, but, apparently, no BlueTooth:

ReliOn Premier Blu strips link:

I believe it was just now introduced, since I can find no review yet, and I am finding a Facebook post discussing a 1/30/2018 introduction ad:

So I think we are the first site discussing it :wink:

Despite the reviews on the Walmart site complaining about the absence of an app on the Apple store, I can find the app there:

But the reviews so far are underwhelming.

I can also find the Android app:

The reviews are also very poor. However, if we find out that the app info is available through Apple Health and Google Fit, it could still be a very interesting meter. I also think it is possible that the app will be improved quickly.

For those interested in comparing Apple Health and Google Fit, he is a relevant article from June 2017:


This is interesting to me! Like you say the reviews aren’t impressive, but they seem mostly critical of Bluetooth and app issues, which aren’t that important to me…

I wish more affordable meter options would make a compact version… I get that some people need the big screen if they have poor vision, but a lot of us that don’t need it would prefer a small meter that fits easily in a pocket…


I think it also is compatible with mysugar app


@Tony, this meter is a nice find! Thank you for posting it. It is even more interesting if compatible with MySugr.

[quote=“Michel, post:4, topic:3428”]
@Tony, this meter is a nice find! Thank you for posting it. It is even more interesting if compatible with MySugr.
[/quote] you’re very welcome

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@MaryPat @Tony
I am the ReliOn Account Manager with ARKRAY USA. We manufacture some of the ReliOn meters for Walmart.
It doesn’t sound like anyone has tried the meter out on this forum. We appreciate your thoughts and sharing your feedback.
This is the only mention I’ve seen thus far about our new products.
Is there any chance I could send you a demo or 2 so you can try out the new Premier meters and share your review/thoughts?

-Scott Eisenschenk


We’ve talked extensively about Relion meters, and generally they are given good reviews by our members, myself included. I especially like the strip price.

Question, does the Bluetooth meter connect to xDrip+? That’s one of the main reasons I use the Contour Next One (plus strips are about $21/100 on Amazon)

I would love to trial one

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As of now, the Premier BLU only links to the ReliOn Life app. We are currently updating the software to address some usability issues that have been brought to our attention. I did share your question with our developers. I’ve seen plenty of comments/questions about cross compatibility.


I don’t see a PM option on here. More than likely, user error.
If that is not an option, I can share my email address so we can connect.


PM’s require Trust Level 1 or higher.

Do you have the ability to PM me?

Hi Scott,
Welcome to FUD, glad you found our site.

You are welcome to post here and share your product info with us. We don’t mind vendors posting, as long as they are upfront about their association with a company and that they represent a product.

But before members give out home addresses to you, would you mind me verifying you are who you say you are?

Sorry to have to do that, but there are so many scams that happen. It is amazing the emails and phone messages I have received asking for personal info!

Anyway, sorry to have to do that, but please let me know if I can confirm.



I completely understand. I am more than willing to confirm any information you need.
Please let me know the best way to provide my information with you. I’m a bit nervous sharing my email address on here publicly considering I have the same issues with people reaching out with inquiries that are unsolicited.
Feel free to find me on LinkedIn.


You don’t need to share it publicly, but let’s do this over PM. I would like to verify before anyone gives out their home address.

Hi Scott,
I sent you a message through corporate. If you can reply to me with that message, I would certainly be comfortable knowing you are who you say you are.

Thanks a bunch!

Hey everyone, I have verified Scott with his company.


Hi! I’m new here. I recently purchased this meter, because I needed a more affordable option since my insurance has stopped covering test strips. However, I haven’t used it yet because the app has a couple of problems. It recognizes my meter, but it won’t sync with it, nor does it give me an option to initiate a sync. Then, the Invite Provider page and button just won’t work for me. The button is dead.

Other than these two things, the meter is sleek and has an easy to read screen. I’m looking forward to using it as soon as the bugs are worked out of the app.

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We are aware of some flaws with the app. I have also stated issues I’d like to see changed. An update has been in the works for quite sometime and I’m being told it will be available soon.

Please call 855-776-0662(customer service) and see if they can trouble shoot the device with you.


Thank you! I will do that.