Need Volunteers to Trial some of the new Relion Meters

FUD Community,

One of the Relion product managers has offered 8 of their new meters and strips to us for trial. These are the Premier Voice and the Premier BLU.

In return they ask that you comment about the favorable and frustrating parts of using their new systems. If you are interested please reply if you would like to be included, and which system you are interested in trialing. It could be Premier, Blue or both. If we have more people interested than systems, then I will pull names out of a hat. If you are selected, I will ask that you send me your address via Private Message, and I will pull together a spreadsheet for the product manager.

It seems we are getting big enough and have been around long enough to get some notice in the diabetes community. Always a plus. Additionally, the admin team has discussed this, and we feel that as long as everyone knows that we were provided the systems for free and that you have no obligation to give them a positive review that we are fine doing this.

The Premier Voice

The Premier Blu


I am curious about the voice one. I am not the ideal test candidate, but if there isn’t anyone who is a better test candidate, I will give that one a thorough workout.

There are 4 of each type of meter, so please put me at the bottom of the list if there are more people interested in it.

Same with the Premier. I could also give that a good workout.

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I’m interested in the Blu, though would be happy to trial either one based on responses. Is there a specific time period they’d like us to trial, or just until we’ve used up the provided strips?

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There are no requirements at all. Test how/when you want post your positive and negative feedback. Also the product manager will be around to answer questions.


I’m interested, either one would be ok with me.

I’d love to try out the Blu. I’ve heard good things about ReliOn from people on this site, but I’ve never used one of their meters.

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If we have a lot of interest, I can run a randomized lottery app to pick winners.

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Great idea. Right now we have: 2 BLU, 1 Voice, 1 either.

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Update 3 BLU, 1 Voice, 1 either.

Any additional takers?

I’m a huge relion fan and would be happy to have the opportunity to participate with either.

I’m also up to my ears and meters, so if I’m not chosen, I promise not to cry. :grin:


I’d be happy to try either one, maybe with a preference toward the Blu. I’ve only ever used one meter and would love to compare.

At the same time, if there’s enough other interest, I’d be glad to defer to someone who’s been around the site longer!

Ok, we have 4 BLU, 3 Voice. Anyone else want to trial the voice? Then we would be filled.

I’ll test one out if you need another participant!

Good we are filled up. If all of you who have replied would Private message me your mailing address (if you haven’t already done it) I will fill out an excel sheet and get them to the product manager.


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