ReliOn Premier Voice: First Impressions

I’m afraid if I don’t start this, it will all slip my mind, and i really do appreciate the opportunity…

I LOVE my ReliOn Prime meter, and I was curious if I would love ALL ReliOn products. I also use their blood pressure monitor, which I’m fond of, and now I own The ReliOn Premiere… Unfortunately, I cannot say this one has blown my socks off just yet. However, I still have plenty of test strips to play with, so it’s still got a chance. For now, here are the things I’ve seen that have not been too impressive:

  1. The test strips are the flimsiest test strips i’ve ever held. They feel like a stiff piece of paper, and I worry I’m going to snap one in two trying to use it. (Of Mice and Men style)

  2. The voice instructs you that you’re doing a “Blood Glucose Test” and that you’re to “Please apply blood onto the test strip” and will report your BG loudly and clearly (make sure you really want everyone around you to know it… because it’s that loud and clear), but although she’ll also announce a “memory recall” if you’re curious about old BGs, she doesn’t read them to you. Which begs the question… if you could read them, why would you buy a talking meter?

  3. Accuracy… probably the most important one, yes, but I don’t have enough numbers to speak definitively at this point. What I have seen SO far is a little unclear. For the first couple of days, I was comparing the ReliOn Premiere against the values of my ReliOn Prime and my OneTouch Crappy. My One Touch Mini had me convinced my ReliOn Prime was reading high, which meant the Premiere was VERY high. However, my Contour Next One is now on the scene, and it’s reestablishing normal. One Touch is out, ReliOn Prime is excellent, just a smidgen low, but that MIGHT put the Premiere reading right at the Contour’s level. Or thereabout. There are occasional rogue readings as well… Either way, I’ll spend the next couple of days comparing the Premiere against the Contour and will pass along whatever I find.

There are a few things I like:

  1. I do like that it beeps when it has your blood. I don’t know why. But it feels high tech. :smiley:

  2. It does use a very small drop of blood. My ReliOn Prime blood drop, which was already an improvement, is a clumsy amount compared to what I need for the Premiere.

  3. I have only had one error so far, which, ironically, I got only after looking at the guide to check proper technique. So with my old bad technique, things were excellent, and with my one proper technique, I got an error. :confused: But only just the one, and that’s great.

  4. It’s a pretty speedy little device. Now I’m not positive it’s not because it’s the only one that gets to shout out its answer, but I often feel like it’s ready before I am, and that’s refreshing compared to the staring at my other meters while they work one out.

That’s it. For now.

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