Random Tool Idea to Help View Omnipod Window

My son has one of these in his wide array of tools.

When my pod viewing window is angled such that I cannot see it, this is a good way for me to get a look at it.

I’ve found that other people are not experienced enough with pods to be able to tell me exactly how it looks to my satisfaction. I wouldn’t know what I was looking for if I wasn’t a podder, either.

Just an idea!


And an awesome one! Thanks! :pray:


I can see and hear it in my mind, “Take a look at that window in my pod, tell be what your see.” “Mom, I don’t have clue what you want.” “Well I can see it right in that position and I need to know.” “Hold on, Mom, I got something in my tools that will help.”

10 minutes later he comes back with the camera, “Look here at my phone, and hold this end at your Pod.” Allison is speechless, finding her voice, “I got to get one of those.”


I mean…pretty much!

That kid has a tool for everything!!