Random D thoughts


Yeah, but he probably wipes his finger tips with an alcohol swab before he scans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I think the Dexcom people made that commercial.

Clearly they are pointing out why Dexcom is better.


Abbott Unlimited ???


Who knew shopping at Walmart on the morning of Christmas Eve would mean limited options for test strips? There were no ReliOn prime strips (meter I use) on the shelves, and only 1 box (of any quantity) for the ReliOn premier. I couldn’t bring myself to bother buying any onetouch strips (the only other meter I have so far). :laughing:


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Now I didn’t exist in the 80’s so you’ll have to excuse my confusion but…I was under the impression a mullet was “business in the front, party in the back”
Doesn’t Trevor just have long hair? All party, no business?


I guess. But it was hard to tell last night, he wasn’t standing still long enough, he was too busy throwing touchdowns and torching the Alabama defense.


Spooky. Very, very spooky.



@Beacher ! Hilarious!

Too much time on your hands :slight_smile:


I was wondering why Nicky said she was busy last night. Great game, Nicky!



Yes, what he has isn’t a mullet. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just long hair…and reminiscent of the song lyrics…long haired freaky people need not apply.


This is funny only because I saw this picture when you posted it, @Eric, and thought to myself, uh oh. I figured I better beat everyone to it and post my own picture, but then I said to myself, “self, they wouldn’t. You can relax.”

Should’ve known better with Eric, but et tu, @Beacher ?


That better have been nice. Whatever was in there. :grin:



As you may have heard, China recently announced that it had successfully landed a lunar lander on the dark side of the moon.

There was a lot of interest in this event. After much hard work and effort, I was fortunate enough to be able to get an interview with the only known inhabitant of the dark side of the moon.

My interview with her is below:


Lovely interview! And one of my very favorites tracks ever :slight_smile:

I guess this dates me…


Mine, too. And that vocal… was always completely moved by it. Never knew what she was saying though. Thanks, @Eric. :smiley:


So, we were doing some teacher education for a new teacher at my son’s daycare. Each of us took turns testing our blood sugar. Mine (86 mg/DL), second teacher (87 mg/DL), third teacher (non-diabetic) – 22 mg/DL!!!

I was super alarmed and he was totally nonchalant, like “oh yeah a lot of times on these types of medical tests I don’t come out in the normal ranges.” HE declined an offer to recheck.

So what do you think? Could he possibly be an extra-terrestrial with a different body chemistry? Or I guess the more likely scenario is that he had some water on his hands??