Random D thoughts


So the focus of my research right now involves engineering yeast to produce progesterone, theoretically to be used as a means of localizing contraceptive production in areas with limited resources. We were invited to give a talk about our work at a local pro-choice event held today. [I am not interested in getting into a political or moral discussion about abortions with anyone here, I only mention it to give proper context. :slightly_smiling_face:]

When the MC/one of the organizers of the event was first introducing herself to us and talking about our work, she said something along the lines of “You guys could have picked anything, and rather working on insulin or something you decided that contraceptives were essential.” Which, you know, I cringed a little bit but just smiled, not wanting to get into a discussion on that.

But then when introducing us for our talk, she makes some comment along the lines of “This team looked at the WHO list of essential medicines, and decided that contraceptives were an essential need and should be the focus of their energies, rather than working on something like insulin.”

Uhhhh. I mean, yes, we did decide to work on contraceptives rather than insulin, but what a weird comment to make. From her tone it seemed like she was really trying to imply that we thought contraceptives were more essential than insulin. My whole team was shooting me glances and one sitting next to me whispers “She really shouldn’t say that”

Yep, really shouldn’t. If I had to choose between taking birth control or insulin it would be a pretty freaking easy choice :roll_eyes:


Nothing like a little self-serving banter to get the locals all fired up. That’s annoying. I’m glad I wasn’t there. :grin:


@glitzabetes, your research sounds amazing and impressive!


@T1Allison Thank you so much! :blush:


I saw this link on the Medtronic site, and it’s funny because I thought - that can’t be our @Nickyghaleb !

I’d like to see a Nicky fight.


I auditioned, but I kept complaining about my pump. :grin:


Can’t imagine why they had a problem with that.:grinning:


Just saw your latest vedio, stunning as always. Boy did Medtronics loose out.:grinning:


If they had just given me something that worked… :grin:


It is so nice there is more than one research team IN THE ENTIRE WORLD such that difficult choices like that don’t have to be made.

If I had to hazard a guess, I might even think that there are other team workings on things OTHER THAN insulin and birth control. But that might just be crazy thoughts (again).


Since I’m here anyway, here’s my random d thought… I was in the food store the other day with my 5 and 8 year olds and had nothing on me but a check card. I was crashing and was in the candy aisle… and crashing fast and hard… so I tore into a bag of circus peanuts, which, of course, I planned to purchase with the rest of the stuff.

My 5 year old, concerned, apparently, about my disturbing behavior (and less so about my personal safety) went and notified the appropriate authorities that his mother was stealing food. My 8 year old then explained that his mother had diabetes and was high.



So funny!!!

This reminds me of the time I walked into the school with my T1D son and asked him aloud: “are you high?”, at which time about 20 parents in the hallway suddenly stopped talking and looked disapprovingly at the two of us…


I once spoke this sentence out loud to the parents of the child I was picking up by car to drive back to my house:

“I’m fine. I don’t think I’m going to crash because I’ve been pretty high all day.”

Then, “Okay, Giancarlos! Jump in!”

Craziest thing is they let him get in the car with me. :grin:


My child has been unintentionally food shaming the Diabetic War Veteran Student Aid in his class at school. Granted, his teacher told him not to give Mr. P chocolates for Christmas bc he’s a T2D, but still. My son told me last week, “Mom, I saw Mr. P eating a Reese’s Cup and I said, ‘Aren’t you diabetic?’ and he said ‘Let’s not talk about that.’ I wasn’t trying to upset him but he only drinks Mountain Dew for lunch and it is not diet. He says it is his liquid lunch.”


Yeah - I know somebody that might be like that. The person I know is not in a good situation. They have not accepted their T2 diagnosis and are obviously in complete denial. Not denial about the diagnosis but just laughing it off, not wanting to talk serious about it at all and coming up with excuse after excuse after excuse why they will not check their BG (at all - simply not check - period) and why they will eat whatever they want and why the meds are no good and on and on and on.

You can only help somebody who wants to be helped.


It felt odd not being able to give a small box of six truffles like I gave to all teachers, but being told to get a 20 oz high lead Mountain Dew for him for the holidays instead, but Okay! Trying not to project my expectations here!

A coworker gave me a chocolate sampler box for the holidays and then was horrified when she remembered I’m diabetic. I was like, “Dude, that’s what the insulin is for!” I attend the office bday celebrations but I almost never eat the cake bc quite honestly, I’m a cake snob. If I’m using insulin for a sweet treat, it’s gotta be quality stuff. I’m not eating garbage just bc it’s there. I’m a sugar snob.


Amen to that - You can’t just waste insulin on garbage food :laughing:


@Nickyghaleb You’re a diabetic. You only shoot drugs because you’re high.


I think my dreams are way more vivid when I’m low… I woke up at 40 and had to check my pump history to make sure I hadn’t eaten 3 family sized bags of cheese puffs (as I’d dreamed I had) :sweat_smile:


I wish there was diabetes camp for adults :thought_balloon: