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Savory Pies


Well played, Cody!


I don’t know what you guys get up to south of the border, but up here they’re sweet. Very, very sweet.


What is that?? Is that blueberry?? Or some kind of meat???


It is what the great Oracle Google returned when I searched Mince Pies. Here in “normal” land, my pie is pumpkin, apple, or blueberry. We don’t use “mince”

My British friends refer to chopped up meat as mince, so I figure that is what they were referring to. Apparently there is an offshoot of minced fruit pies, also referred to as mince. So I am now totally confused.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Totally confused, maybe, but still totally normal with pie expectations like that.


@Eric, repeat after me:

“I will not eat the hammers.”


Mincemeat is not mince, which is minced meat. Clear as day!


Clear as day.

Not clear as day.


The only real question here is what is a mince pie, and is it real pie, or does it have meat? Minced or not?


Beef suet and an assortment of dried fruits (such as raisins) and spices and booze was traditional. My dad loved it! Here is a modern recipe:


Snow shoveling break…chocolate milk in my coffee! :coffee: :smiley_cat:


Have you ever made coffee using milk instead of water?


No, but that sounds yummy! :smiley_cat:


Would make expresso-machine cleanup rather time consuming, wouldn’t it?


You could do it with one of the old type pour-over drip filters. I have never made it like that, was thinking about trying it.


New diabetic level achieved - stabbing myself with a lancet when my lancing device suddenly stopped working. At least I got to reward myself with a big spoon of peanut butter to head off a low.

This stands out to me because when I was pregnant with my first child (pre-diabetes), I opted to do BG testing rather than the glucose drink (for other health reasons), and my mom said she always just stabbed herself with lancets rather than bothering with a device (she had GD with one of her pregnancies). I told her I could never do that. Little did I know…


…An amusing and positive post on dealing with the complexity of the holiday season and diabetes https://diabetogenic.wordpress.com/2018/12/14/revisited-silly-season-survival/


I just saw the Freestyle Libre commercial on TV, and noticed the guy riding up on his bicycle, when he scans his Libre, has a CGM-like track on his receiver. And the track has a decided down trend, but the receiver shows an up arrow.

First, how does a Libre show a CGM trend unless it’s scanned every 5 minutes, and why does it show an up arrow when that track is going down?

My wife says only I would notice that!


It saves the last 8 hours worth of data in the sensor, so it fills in the trend once you scan.
I think the number/arrow it displays are based on an average of the last 15 minutes of data so that may be partially why the arrow is screwed up


The guy’s got no skillz. He stops his bike, and even removes his helmet to do the scan.