Question about Dexcom Share Login Credentials/ Authentication

My 9yo has just gone onto the Dexcom G6 - so far so good.

I’m looking at ways of accessing his BG data through the Dexcom Share system.

My first stop was Fitbit watch faces like Glance & Sentinel which require the username & password in their settings.

Then (I presume) they’re connecting via the Dexcom API & pulling the share information into the watch face.

But so far I haven’t been able to get anything to connect. Here’s my situation:

  • I’m in New Zealand so using Dexcom’s international share system (shows as Dexcom(UK) on the website)
  • I setup myself up a Dexcom account & added my 9yo as a Dependent profile.
  • When I setup our account usernames I used Capital.Letters but the username is displayed in lowercase - capital.letters - in the Dexcom website.

I’ve tried the username/ password for both my account & my 9yo’s account with both Capitalised Usernames & lowercase.

No luck with getting access so far. Every watch face I try has blank data.

Am I missing something? What login credentials should I be using to access my kids data?


No luck with NightScout either.

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Is your son using receiver or phone app to get the readings?

I have fitbit ionic, and use xDrip on phone to read data from G6 transmitter. (I also use tandem pump to get same data, but there is limit of 2 devices to talk to transmitter.)
I don’t use followers, but somehow that has to get data from app or receiver.

In my case, I use xDrip on android phone as alternate to dexcom app. On Glance, I select xDrip as source of data for ionic watch.

I know several parents here use follow and can help.

@ClaudnDaye has young son with nice set up including Sugarmate, alarms, etc.


My son is using Dexcom G6 + Android phone + Dexcom app.

We are using Dexcom Follow app on our (Android) phones.

The aim is to have my Fitbit showing his BG levels - but paired to my phone (not his phone).

That way he can be asleep in his room & I can be at the other end of the house & still quickly check levels by looking at my watch. I especially don’t want to be looking at my phone or having to go to look at his phone when I’ve gone to bed.


[quote=“Tama, post:4, topic:10250”]
The aim is to have my Fitbit showing his BG levels - but paired to my phone (not his phone).

You may need to add nightscout to get data to “cloud”. Others ( @Trying ?) can chime in more, or search for more info on nightscout.
Then in Glance you would set source to nightscout. But just my guess.


Dexcom in simplest terms is a BT based product. You may need to set son’s phone as primary with cloud upload capabilities and yourself as follower to get this to work properly. BT has a range of ~33 feet.

Personally I use xdrip and Nightscout. My phone is primary, and uploads to Nightscout, Tidepool, and my spouse as follower. My spouse sees my BGs in realtime, complete with alarms (spousal preference). Everyone who has the URL for my Nightscout site can see all the data realtime (complete with alarms) which is super helpful when at work


Yes, I agree with both @MM2 and @elver. Nightscout is probably the way to go. xDrip+ isn’t required but it has really useful features, too.


@Tama XDrip also has a follower function and a SOS function for when someone goes hypo and is non-responsive. XDrip says that feature is experimental, but it does work. It sends out a text with lat\long and a google map of where the master phone is and states the user has been non-responsive for x minutes. Scares the heck out of my spouse whenever it happens


I’ve tried to setup Nightscout through T1 Pal & run into similar issues with my Dexcom login.

In short none of my Dexcom logins seem to connect Nightscout to Dexcom.

I have a Dexcom account & have setup my son as a “Dependent Profile” under my Dexcom account.

When I login to Dexcom Clarity (for example) I use my Dexcom username/ password & then it prompts me about which user account I wish to use (mine or my son’s).

I select my son’s & his information appears in Dexcom Clarity.

But using my Dexcom username/password or his Dexcom username/password on Nightscout doesn’t seem to work.

Is the problem with the “Dependent Profile”, or am I missing something?


Or could it be that I’m on an international Dexcom login, rather than the US login?

No, I think it is more likely that you are a dependent profile. When we had nightscout setup we entered my son’s login information and that worked just fine.

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The Nightscout config variables BRIDGE_USER_NAME and BRIDGE_PASSWORD should be set to your dexcom credentials that you are successfully using for Clarity. That’s how mine is set and working. I don’t know about “profile” though. I do not have multiple profiles in Dexcom. Does your son have a Dexcom account that can be used to login to Clarity without selecting a profile? If so, do those credentials work?